A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Not gonna go out to bat for BB build variety as (along with blood vial farming) it’s one of main criticisms I could level at it. That said, I have had huge amounts of fun doing several run-throughs focusing on different weapons.


So the friend who got me into Dark Souls is a doctor. He’s a REALLY intelligent guy: sailed through exams, university etc. He’s got a house, wife, kids, career and it all came relatively easily to him.

He genuinely thinks that playing Dark Souls made him a better person. He reckons that the fact that he had to put the effort in and had to cope with the fact that he failed and died a lot and had to come up with ways of dealing with failure and so on taught him a lot about perseverance and things being worth more when you have to try for them.

I guess part of the problem with us DS fans is we can come across as a bit ‘culty’ and that can be off-putting, and what I’ve typed above certainly fits that description. However, FWIW, I think my friend talks a lot of sense and I’ve got more out of DS than any other game I’ve played, not just in terms of enjoyment but also in terms of my own ‘character building’*

*pun not intended, but I’ll take it.


I like that idea but I’ve finished all 3 multiple times and I’m still a lazy as hell, path-of-least-resistance kind of guy. Also given the amount of time I spent trolling people in the Tomb of the Giants there’s an argument to be made that Dark Souls made me even more of an arsehole.

Glad it helped your friend though :+1:


I think I put about three afternoons over xmas with a very underleveled character to get Ludvigs Moonlight Sword so I could use it in the rest of the game. It has not changed how I have to fight to win battles.

This is sounding like I hate it. I think the weapons have far more personality than in DS and the sound effect when you change between their forms is what everyone should use for text message alerts.

I do think they limit the replayability (is this a word?) though.


I remember doing a suicide run for a mace thing that didn’t change shape in its second form, it just got imbued with electricity. Made the game so much easier as you could ELECTROSMASH everyone. Happy times.


I read somewhere the theory that it is about depression (maybe linked to the creator?) - and keeping going when things seem helpless or too difficult (“when you find yourself in hell…keep going” I think Churchill said)


Tonitrus. Feeling bad now, BB has some fucking amazing weapons.


sounds like how I felt completing guitar hero 3 on expert


Very little in gaming makes me happier than the thunk the beast cutter makes in it’s transformed state


Definitely. I think it’s hard to be a casual Souls fan though. Like, you could enjoy Skyrim casually, dipping in and out and so you don’t have to become part of the cult. But with Souls, you’re either committed or hollow.


Unless youve got the kings greatsword ofc


Really recommend the book ‘You died’ by Keza MacDonald and Jason Killingsworth.

There’s an interview with Miyazaki where he says the idea for the co-op in DS came from being stuck going up a hill in a blizzard. The car behind him put its bumper to his and tried to push him up. Then another car came from behind them and did the same. He eventually got to the top and drove away, with no idea who had helped him and no way of ever finding out.

DS has the reputation for being built on misery but it’s really about being better to each other.


What’s the Kings GS reference? Been trying to work it out for the last hour and too proud to use wiki.


I note that none of these suckers have tried Ant, so I presume it’s not for the likes of you and me that like to have fun rather than punish ourselves with our games.



Really miss these games. Loved the first Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls.
Always play as a high dex, high agility ninja type build with great damage but terrible health/magic/durability


Same - played BB first so my instinct is to dodge rather than raise a shield


You might hate it.
It might be the best game you’ve ever played.

If you’re like a lot of us, it’ll start as the former and end as the latter.

If you like the whole mages, wizards, armour sets and dragons type world then you’ll love the aesthetic.

One interesting comparison to Skyrim is that in Skyrim every dragon looks pretty much the same and fighting them is all very similar. Not so here. Check out some images or videos of ‘The Gaping Dragon’ for example. It’s unique and all the other bosses are totally different (one is a butterfly!)


Find that once you slap on a few high level stealth boost items that usually breaks most rpg’s difficulty curves completely tbh, but grinding up to that point is mega hard.




Even if DS did not exist, I don’t think this would be a wise choice for a google search.