A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Capra Demon - not a good fight. I’ve noticed the mist in DS1 actually obscures the start of fights, which it doesn’t do in 2 and 3. Super annoying in this particular fight as that little garden is tiny and I’ve lost 75% of my health before I can even see anything.

Otherwise good.


DS3 has IMHO the best boss fights of the series. Also the best music to go with them.


Had more difficulty with Knight Slayer Wossname than any boss so far, ffs.


In the Lake? Draw him to the black knight you pass on the way. They will fight each other and then you kill the winner.


I’ll try that when I get back in, thanks! Slightly burned by that method after trying to get that mimic to fight the fire demon and the fire demon fucking one shotting it, then me.


The fire demon trick works best when you get all the skeletons involved first




Not sure where to go after ringing the first bell, getting the key from the Capra demon etc. Too many choices and I don’t wanna go somewhere too hard - the lack of warping is making me way too conservative as well.

Found the moonlight butterfly just now and waited for a moment to melee it, but I assume it’s a ranged fight. Can you imbue a bow with poison? Guess we’ll find out. In the meantime I can definitely see myself getting dicked over by it’s magic beams a lot


I’ve always done it melee. Lots of rolling around or shield up to avoid the beams, and being ready to smack it hard when it has a rest.


It doesn’t get close enough though?


Wait for it to float down and sit on the side of the bridge, lock on, bosh. Always worked for me, weird if it doesn’t for you.


Yeah it did for me too but you have to endure a fair amount of long range attacks before it does so. I think I switched to double handed combat for it and rolled constantly waiting for those opportunities.

Can’t remember where I went after Capra. I think the Depths / Blightown?


Oh p.s. I assume the thing you need to do to help the onion knight fella is in the garden place?


Tried this and he just fucking smashed the Black Knight’s back doors in with one hit :joy:


If you roll around them both while they fight it confuses the fuck out of the AI. . The shield he drops makes a much later and harder boss easier.


c/p from gaming thread:

So I started Bloodborne at the weekend. Only played Demon Souls before but it’s similar enough to get how to play it. I defeated the first boss and explored a fair bit after that. Then I read online that as I accidentally attacked other hunter NPC she’'ll forever aggro me so I think I’ll have to restart. I’m not too far in so shouldn’t take too long to get back there but a bit annoying. But any tips on starting class, what to level up first, early hints etc?


You’ll never go wrong upgrading endurance and vitality. Choose a weapon you like the feel of and upgrade it with either strength or skill according to its rating. Did you kill Eileen? She will fight you at some point but she doesn’t constantly invade you. Wouldn’t bother restarting over it.


No she killed me in seconds!


If you attacked her and didn’t kill her, you can’t make peace. Avoid the area until you are stronger.


It is done!

Got frustratingly close on the first try and just overstepped it. And got mullered on the second try. But third time’s a charm! Still a great zone and fight, even after the DLC (although the DLC definitely pips it)

Obviously have gone straight back in to a new play through, game backlog be damned.