A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I now have two games on the go for Dark Souls. My main game on the PS4 where I’m currently getting pissed off by Darklord Nito (or rather them constantly respawning skeletons during his fight) and one on my Switch where I’ve just started a new game as a Hunter to play on my commute (just defeated the Taurus Demon so literally just at the start again). Still can’t believe the Souls games passed me by all this time until last year!


For Nito, stay back and you won’t aggro the big skelingtons, a divine weapon will help the others stay down.


Thanks, I think I need to engage in a bit of soul farming first to get my faith up to be able to use a divine weapon.


You can turn any regular weapon into a divine one. High faith will make them scale better and do more damage but it’s not generally a requirement. You only need it to be strong enough to kill the skellies then switch back to your regular one for Nito itself.



Not sure if any of you were planning to, but the Videogames exhibition at the V&A ends a week on Sunday and if you’re a Bloodborne or souls fan, it’s well worth a visit.

There’s an incredible orchestral recording of the first boss battle, which is one of the best things I’ve ever heard, loads of cool concept art, early wireframe drawings of the levels and some sketchbooks.

Best of all, is an incredible video by Matt Lees explaining why the game is so amazing, narrated as he battles that same opening boss and JUST about survives it. It captures the brilliance and elation of the series better than any article I’ve ever read and blew me away.


There’s an occult weapon you pick up somewhere that can be downgraded to a faith weapon if you need one. Sorry for the vague.


In the shade, (Londor pale) shade


Made some progress with a Bloodborne, beat the three yharnam druids earlier in the forest, was laughing/screaming in frustration my first few attempts but got a strategy down in the end and took em down with my big ol spear. That whole forest area felt the most Dark Souls to me, reminded me a bit of the forest area with the cat covenant (but obvs a fair bit bigger and with weirder enemies!)

Also earlier in the week found that massive ladder that leads up to the very beginning/back entrance of Ioesfka’s clinic, very cool moment that.


Having a horrible time fighting the Martyr Logarius. Must have died at least 20 times and I keep having to do farming runs to get more blood vials every so often.

I’ve worked out how to get him into his second state but as soon as that happens he stabs his sword into the ground and I just get attacked by flying swords until either they or he kills me. I’ve sometimes been able to hit the sword but he normally just does the ground stab thing again.

Having a mare. Urgh.




Just got the Platinum on Dark Souls. Now trying to explain to my girlfriend that this isn’t actually the end as I’ve already finished the game twice to get this far and I’ll probably finish it at least once more with this guy before I start a magic user…


Returned to Nito today with a divine weapon and finally took him down. Two Lord Souls down, two to go. Thanks.



Which 2?


The Bed of Chaos and the Four Kings are who I have left to find.


God I really want a toaster bonus right now


Irythll of the Boreal Valley is freaking me out by being far too reasonable. Had to stop playing because it was too tense waiting for something to jump up and turn me inside out.


Make sure you do the DLC before you finish. Best bosses in the game.


Don’t think this will be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you don’t like your average twitch streamer, but I enjoyed this short series of vids. Essentially a playthrough where all items, enemies and bosses are randomized, so you get things and people turning up where they shouldn’t be. The Undead Burg becomes a completely hilarious mess.