A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Its damage scales based on how many souls youre holding at the time


:open_mouth: Still finding out things after all these years!


I’ve played Demons Souls and Dark Souls. Both are outstanding games / experiences but on neither did I get that far. I’d say Dark Souls is better than Demons Souls and although I must have spent over 20 hours on both games (each) I really felt like I did not progress that far due to the amount of times you WILL die.
There are moments where you will be astonished and gobsmacked like the bit before you see the dragon on the bridge not that far into Dark Souls after a gruelling time and the “praise the sun” on that bridge moment coupled with the game being invaded 10 minutes prior to this. Further into the game them “OH SHIT” moments when you see a new enemy are pretty much unparalleled in video games from my experience. Yet still I found them too challenging and was ultimately distracted by other new games then thought I will have forgotten the combat and have to start again. Never tried DS2 and not inclined until I’ve beaten Demos Souls and Dark Souls which will be never most likely.


Back on Bloodborne again, aren’t I? Picked up a save just before Dr Cage-Head and my pulse was about 180 trying to avoid being one-shotted by the AoE attack. Now desperately under-levelled for the first DLC boss and having to farm for blood vials having attempted to speed run through to Rom earlier in this run.

Fuckin’ blood vial farming, maaaaaan.


Can I talk about Nioh in here?


Ooooooooooo I dunno man.

yeah sure, go nuts




Yes! I’ll chat Nioh with ya


I’ve just beaten the toad. It’s a bit easier than souls but I’ve not really got any idea what build I should be going for or anything


Nioh suffers from a major case of systems bloat, huh… My main bit of advice would be that your weapon is more important than your level. Focus on the rarest weapons which are high levelled, and sink all that cash you’ve been picking up into whatever the item is that increases your familiarity.

I spent most of my run putting stats into strength (I was playing mainly with the standard sword class) and then dumping in whatever the health one is once I’d got enough ki to manage most situations. Did almost nothing in terms of engaging with the magic or ninja systems because fighting felt so fluid with the melee.


I’m trying to level up my magic a bit because I like fire


Only really used fire to attack those water blob dickheads. Seemed an odd mechanic - turns them to steam maybe?


Completed II. Half way through my first playthrough of the original now. Maps are incredible, love the storyline, hate the way locking on to enemies doesnt really work and your character rolls in random directions sometimes for no reason. Overall still a brilliant game, though. Just beat Ornstein and Smough after a couple of days trying, so feeling very pleased with myself atm.


Started a new BB character yday evening with aspirations of doing a bloodtinge build. Some observations:

First time in a while that I’ve taken it slow and killed everyone rather than bad attempts at speedrunning. The world is wonderful - I mean, I knew that already, but just taking notice again properly.

Bosses are much easier when you’re levelled appropriately, mainly because your defence increases really quickly at first. Gascgoine with my speedrunning characters was NAILS but with a few more levels you can tank more hits and you have enough bullets to parry effectively.

Bloodtinge is useless until you’ve done a pretty big chunk of the game. About to head to Foresaken CC to get the Chikage - even then, not sure how viable that is? Guess we’ll see!

Acing Amelia is insanely satisfying after she was my wall when I first played back in the day.

Somehow this is the first time I’ve come across Gascgoine’s kid :cry: Ooft - my blood drunk hunter broke the news without emotion,


Also arcane. It’s BBs weakness in comparison to the other Souls games - lack of build variety. Of course it’s only an issue if you play it 10 times.


I actually have a pretty good arcane build in one of my saves. I mean, I’m not going to go out to bat for Bloodborne build variety, but I had a lot of fun rocking the moonlight greatsword and shooting tentacles. Again, it’s just gated by a significant amount of (very fun) gameplay.


Arcane always felt underpowered for me, that I was always disadvantaged by using it and with no reward. Any criticisms of BB I have are Masterchef in origin, it’s pretty much the perfect dish but the tiniest flaws deserve debate.


great metaphor, this


I feel bad for never finishing Dark Souls 3. I got to a point where all I had to do was rock hard bosses, and I’ve reached a place with the series where the bosses are my least favourite part of it. Probably because the developers made a decision to ramp the difficulty up to appease the git gud crowd, and I WILL NOT SUMMON.

I also started teacher training and I’m just not in the right frame of mind for more punishment in my extremely limited free time. Reckon I’ll get round to it in summer, I’ll have to summon for the DLC ones though which makes me sad and ashamed.


3 missions from the end of nioh