A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)

Harsh. But fair.

I rolled pretty much every type of character I could think of on DS1, it would have been silly not to have a wee taste of the dark side. I probably didn’t need to enjoy it quite so much though…

Sunbro 4 lyf though.

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I got around the problem of invaders by never bothering to be human.

My little man is called Barry Chuckle. I should do some more invading.


Be reasonable man: no one needs the bone chilling dread of reading the words, “Dark Spirit Barry Chuckle has invaded!”


Just did nito, so I think I have all the Lord souls and that opens up the door to the final boss, right? Should really go and do the DLC just now then.

Definitely. It’s a pretty sizable DLC but you’re very much on the home straight now. There’s just one or two massive double hard bastards in your way…


The DLC is the best bit of the game. Have fun!


Met and despatched someone who I thought was gonna be a bastard but was actually fairly straightforward. Next guy is a definite bastard but kind of feels doable. Determined not to cheese it.

Is it the Notorious A.R.T.? Forget blocking and get rolling.

He’s very acrobatic for a big man; looks a lot like the rabbit in donnie darko. Fights like a Tory. Prick.

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He hits hard so being <25% load so you can fast roll is more advantageous than heavier armour. If you have the Dark wood grain ring that will boost your I-frames even more.

Generally you’ll only have time to get in one hit after dodging his attacks so it’s worth going two handed. If you do go two handed, wear the the grass crest shield (again, if you have it) in your left hand as (I think) you still get the stamina recovery boost even when it’s on your back.

Never actually tried being under 25%, going to try a few tries double handed with grass shield on my back. Then I’ll see if I can slim down enough to do the skinny roll, might try it in the buff for the giggles.

It makes a huge difference to both your ability to dodge an incoming attack and backing away from one.

Just read back the original one that was referred to about invasions. It was discussing people disconnecting their internet, I’m quite proud of this even if I sound a bit unhinged:

'…the other player picked up the humanity I’d dropped and immediately disconnected. Well done him, but this is where it turns ugly.

The anger from being mistreated, that until now I have kept close, buried deep in the fire of hate I call my heart – I can no longer control its eruption and so I will inflict it upon the undeserving. The only thing you will learn is that there is nothing for you here. The only thing you will be taught is the meaning of regret. I will kill and kill, taking delight in dishonour, until I feel the injustice created by that one thoughtless action has been repented by the worthless.’

I do hand out titanite as voluntary work from time to time.

Usual story, tried the two handed method with grass shield and less than 50% load… Nearly nailed it first time. Then had to bash away quite a few more times but finally managed it. Quite a satisfying kicking that I gave him. This thread, particularly your good self, is a hell of a lot more helpful than the wider Internet.

Not sure I mentioned this upthread but this game would not have worked pre-internet. There are some things you can figure out yourself but everything else is so complex and obscure.

Hell of a game though.

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In the DS book ‘You Died’ Miyazaki tells the story of being pushed up treacherous snow in a car on a hill. Everyone involved went bumper to bumper, each car pushing another to get through, but had to drive away not knowing who had helped them. It became the inspiration for the sunbros covenant.

The feeling of helping someone you will never meet while they can never thank you for what you did for them.

Not many games invoke those emotions.


Nice work.

He’s generally considered to be the best boss fight in this game I believe. He was certainly my highlight. The general area around him and lush surroundings helped.

How did you enjoy it?

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Yeah it was quite effective in terms of how open it was but it also felt cloyingly green and claustrophobic. Next bit is making me feel tinges of vertigo, ha ha.

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Started on DS2 now. My first impression is that it’s a bit harder than DS1. Is that a thing, or am I just misremembering what it was like to start out in that game with rubbish gear and no stat improvements? I’m still very early, in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

you aren’t told that agility is an absolutely crucial stat and you need a few levels in it before the game becomes bearable. FotFG is a punishing first area, too many foot soldiers. When I’m doing any run I just bolt straight through the whole thing.

Early game in DSII is balls, but once you have decent agility it starts to shine. It’s all about stamina management, ie. the total opposite of DSIII. I hope you stick with it, and try the DLC once you’re at SL~120

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