A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)

There’s a very useful item in Kalameet’s area. Agree that Painted World is a really cool area.

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Have you spoken to Gough since you first met the dragon?

I completely missed this guy so thought Kalameet was impossible, until I was told to go find him…

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Yeah he has grounded the bam for me but still was finding the battle a bit of a slog so I’ll do the painted world and maybe give him another bash afterwards.

Thought the painted world was rubbish personally. Just a straight line with a couple of double-backs and some weird looking fellas. Had no interest in killing dragon girl child so the whole thing was a big anti climax

The bonewheel dungeon is pretty cool

for farming the wheel shield

If you’re still stuck on him after the PW it’s usually a popular place for co-op. His tail (which is required for a trophy) is much easier to cut off if you have someone else to distract him so you can run around behind him. Can’t count the amount of times when I’ve sunbroed him I get a message from the host before entering the fog simply stating ‘tail’.

I used to place my sign just before the route downwards outside Art’s room. Often got summoned for Art, sometimes for Kal, occasionally for Manus. You can be whole mix of ranges in this area with 1 to 3 boss fights potentially still open so it’s a great spot for a summons.

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Isn’t that what all the Souls games are?


Is it? I didn’t think any achievements rely on stuff from the DLC. I mean, obviously I had a spreadsheet to check off every possible weapon on account of being an obsessive completionist, but that’s different.

Finally completed Dark Souls last night and did this on the Switch, the ability to play a game of this quality on a handheld device whilst communting or lazing around in bed just blows my mind, and once you get use to the controls it plays really well.

Now have an itch to do another playthrough of Bloodborne as this was my introduction to the Soulsborne series of games and so I spent huge chunks of that first playthrough absolutely sucking whist I tried to get my head around the mechanics and I’m pretty sure I messed up ever NPC questline.

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Oops, sorry you’re absolutely right. Was thinking you needed all the tails but forgot that the DLC didn’t count.

Spreadsheet you say? What a nerd.

Imagine wasting a boss soul on a shield lol

You mean the crystal ring shield? Pretty useful for the four kings and against pvp sorcerer invaders

Had a potter about painted world, pretty small ain’t it. Decided not to murder that poor woman. Went back and did kalameet. Took a few goes and I ended up having to get sif’s shield to help - pretty satisfying. Had a wee tiny explore of great hollow as realised I hadn’t been to Ash Lake, heard people mention it but had never been, couldn’t really be fucked though. So went and did fire sword boy - 2nd try I did him, did him good. Feel a bit bereft but hell of a game eh? Not sure I’ll be up for a new game anytime soon but never say never.


Wow, well done! That’s a good run.

We had similar journeys, though I got stuck on Gwyn for a fair few days after almost flukily doing it first time.

Took me a while to get into another game after completed DS. Hope you don’t have that issue!

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I remember thinking having got through it once, I’ll never go back. How wrong I was…

man I’ve put 600 hours into PvE alone on a shite computer and playing it again now with 60FPS is almost as good as the first time

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You probably didn’t have 20 estus to burn through the first time :wink:

Just gonna post every nugget of info Google throws at me. I want it now. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/24/elden-ring-natural-evolution-dark-souls-says-hidetaka-miyazaki-10038825/amp/

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