A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)

The remaster looks really great. Here’s me making some friends with the locals in the Woods




‘Spirit of Vengeance Barry Chuckle has invaded’ :open_mouth:


Doing a bit of co-op tonight on ps4. If I don’t get a game soon enough, I will probably invade. You have been warned. :smiley:

Think I’m closing in on the end of DS2 now (in the Shrine of Amana). Before I plough ahead, is the DLC the same deal as the first, ie you have to do it before the final fight or it’s lost until you reach the relevant point again in NG+?

You manually trigger NG+ so fill ya boots!

DS2 DLC is sooooo good. Kinda got a hankering to replay DS2 in fact

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My ds3 play through ended in giving up on my usual optional boss sticking point. CBA and have resigned myself to never beating him.

Was planning on doing ds2 again just to see if I could finally beat the DLC- bit disheartened now. May feel better about it after rinsing the RE2 remake.


I know DS2 has a reputation for being the runt of the litter but I’ve still had fun with it.

It was the first one I played so I love it and, like Aphex said, the DLC is amazing(ly hard.)

Started a new DS2 run last weekend and I think that, in spite of not having the elegance of the other games in level design, it might be my favourite world to be in. Just feels like millennia have passed - such an amazing atmosphere to the whole thing.


Really really hope that they do a remaster of this that comes to Switch so I can experience it. Also Bloodborne but that will never happen.

Most of the way through the Bonfireside Chat for DS2 just to get my fix in the meantime.

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I suspect that would only happen as part of a trilogy re-release. I’m not sure the Switch could cope with DS3 but the ports of Doom and others may suggest otherwise.

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I got Dark Souls remastered and Bloodboure finally for the PS4 as they’re in the “Sale”. I have played Dark Souls before but really didn’t get too far, that first Praise The Sun" moment however is still one of my gaming greatest moments. Bloodborne looks and feels great, a bit like Shadows of the Damned but way, waaaaay better.

Finally getting back into DSII having taken about 2 months off, have just got through No Man’s Wharf and into The Lost Bastille.

Am enjoying the fact I can wear whatever and it not affect how fast I can roll. Combat feels really fun, feels weird going back to running around with a shield up constantly as opposed to Bloodbourne with no shield and running around like a menace.

I dunno how much I’m feeling it yet I’m comparison to Dark Souls and Bloodbourne yet though, those awe inspiring levels that make it special (Dark Souls 1 has Anor Londo and Ash Lake, Bloodbourne has that bit where you find the Abandoned Workshop, Castle Cainhurst and also the DLC… even Demon Souls with Latria prison and the Tower of Latria are just incredibly designed and inspiring). I guess it’s still relatively early in my play through, and I want to finish it before I move on to DSIII

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I’m doing my second full DS2 run at the moment. I’m about halfway through the main game and the more I play it, the more ways I think I prefer it to DS1.

There’s nothing as tight as the first half of the original (through to O&S) but I’m really enjoying how non-linear it is and the way warping allows you to easily dip in and out of areas without sprinting halfway across the map.

The world itself is incredibly evocative and there’s such a sense of the world having ‘moved on’ (Bonfireside Chat guys said it well - DS3 feels like 10 years after the end of DS but DS2 feels like millenia have passed).

The way levels are handed out makes experimentation with builds feel a bit more viable within a given run (plus the limited recalibrations you can do), even if my strength/hex character is mediocre at all things and good at none…

And Majula is my fave hub - love building up a little village of misfits.

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Finished DS2 last night! I liked it a lot. Think I said upthread that it may be considered the runt of the litter but I still had a lot of fun with it. The Lost Crowns DLC were all excellent, the Ivory King probably being my favourite - love the brawl at the end. Had a horrible moment in the Sunken King when I finally killed Elana, and just as she started to glow yellow and explode, her summoned Velstadt took me out, and boom she was there again on my next trip down. Must have been just a fraction of a second in it. I was gutted, from punching the air exhilaration to utter despondency.

Onwards to 3!

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Divinity original sin 2 has been scratching my dark souls itch. It is rock hard.

I’m back on the DSIII wagon, wasn’t satisfied with my last SL1 run as I cheesed the Dancer so I’ve started another one. I probably won’t be able to do the Demons or Friede though.

Also here is my first DS drawing, a WIP of the Castlevania art but with Heide’s tower instead


So I’ve decded I will platinum Bloodborne (never bothered platinuming a game before). I am two trophies away from achieving this (and I know I have one of them in the bag as it’s just getting the final ending I am missing). But damn getting the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen trophy is hard!