A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)

The remaster looks really great. Here’s me making some friends with the locals in the Woods




‘Spirit of Vengeance Barry Chuckle has invaded’ :open_mouth:


Doing a bit of co-op tonight on ps4. If I don’t get a game soon enough, I will probably invade. You have been warned. :smiley:

Think I’m closing in on the end of DS2 now (in the Shrine of Amana). Before I plough ahead, is the DLC the same deal as the first, ie you have to do it before the final fight or it’s lost until you reach the relevant point again in NG+?

You manually trigger NG+ so fill ya boots!

DS2 DLC is sooooo good. Kinda got a hankering to replay DS2 in fact

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My ds3 play through ended in giving up on my usual optional boss sticking point. CBA and have resigned myself to never beating him.

Was planning on doing ds2 again just to see if I could finally beat the DLC- bit disheartened now. May feel better about it after rinsing the RE2 remake.


I know DS2 has a reputation for being the runt of the litter but I’ve still had fun with it.

It was the first one I played so I love it and, like Aphex said, the DLC is amazing(ly hard.)