A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



I meant more widely in life too. Hopefully I can see it that way and not just smash my controller to smithereens, which happened to a few of my N64 pads back in the day. I’m a much less angry person now though in general.


I wish I could apply my zen patience and focus I achieve in Souls/BB in real life :joy:


Nioh completed. Feels like an achievement


What did you make of it as a game?


Managed to take down Logarius as my 6th boss. Have always found him pretty hard despite always taking him on later through my runs but realised that you can parry his aerial attacks and trivialise (well, kinda) the second phase.

Now have the chikage and managing the health drain in its transformed state is an interesting new dimension.


Really enjoyed it. I do like Japanese mysticism.

Just put all my points into swords and twin swords and left nearly everything else at 5 so didn’t do a build as such.


I threw everything at single swords - definitely a build, just a brutish one!

I had a strange relationship with that game. I never felt compelled to play it in the same way I do with Souls/BB. Like, if someone had told me I couldn’t ever play it again halfway through I wouldn’t have felt too put out. But then when I did boot it up I would invariably sink 3 hours into it. I concluded it was because I totally bounced off the story and the lack of enemy variett, but the combat was so good that it was just an absolute joy to play once I’d gotten going.

With regard to the Japanese mysticism, I had the same problem I have with Scandi crime novels where the sequences of letters in people’s names meant that no character stuck in my brain for more than a single cutscene.


Completed 1 w/ DLC a few days ago. Thanks for the help lads. Next challenge is to do 1 and 2 with magic or pyro cause I’ve never tried it before.


Good work that man


Bloodborne with the chikage is really fun. Stabbing yourself to power it is proper baller and it hits like a truck.


Playing dark souls 3. I’m used to frustration in these games, but this crystal sage cunt or whatever he’s called actually pushes it over into anger at whoever thought it was a good idea. Completely random whether I’m able to survive long enough to kill him, will probably make it on the 90th try or something. Clearly one you need Co op for but I don’t have psn so w/e


Get psn

get good

Either way I believe in you. Push through, you can do it!


In ds2 I would normally move to a different story strand to level up a bit but it doesn’t seem so doable in ds3


Have you faced the Abyss Watchers yet? If not there is a different direction to head in. I went that way for a while before hitting a wall which meant I had to do the Crystal Sage fight and it was pretty easy by that stage.


Solaire amiibo!


“Everywhere weeeeee gooooooooo”


Catacombs of Carthus is probably my least favourite level out of DS2 and 3. Just find it kinda ugly and stupid.

I know the game’s supposed to be all dark and gothic and shit, but it can’t just be me that much prefers the levels that are outside.


Same. Blighttown and whatever the copy of Blighttown in DSII was called were just a grind for me. Definitely my least favourite parts.


Realised I wasn’t using the embers before the fights so wasn’t getting any buddies to help (don’t have psn). Everything suddenly became much easier.

whoops, was in reference to @colossalhorse’s reply up there


Black fucking Gulch :nauseated_face: