A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Replaying the Bloodborne DLC at the moment. It’s astonishing. From do DLC better than anyone else.


Yeah. It’s not just good extra levels (which would already be animprovement on the average DLC), it’s that it genuinely adds something to the story/world/whatever.


Yep. Does a great job of recontextualising the main game but in an additive way (much like the Artorias of the Abyss DLC did).

Levels are remarkable - the river of blood and Ludwig’s boss arena are incredibly striking, research hall is a triumph of weirdly emotive story-telling, and the hamlet is just pure terror. So good.


Oops meant to spoiler things but italicized instead


You only start to embrace the light when you have truly feared the darkness.


Yeah the payoff for getting through the Catacombs of Carthus is pretty spectacular tbf



What the… how???


Got gud.


Tempted to play 2 again



Swear that was a gif


Hit a big old brick wall with Yhorm the Giant on the one hand and Aldritch on the other. Reckon Yhorm will be a lot easier than Aldritch, given I lasted twice as long in there when I gave it a shot (i.e. 30 seconds), but it’s gonna take a lot of effort.

The only other thing I think I’ve got left to do atm is kill that demon lord thing at the bottom of the lake, but I’m rubbish at taking him down too. Sorta said this upthread but I kinda preferred DS2 when you had four different paths to take so could switch up a lot when you hit a wall.

Hate being kinda shit video games.


There’s a trick to Yhorm that makes him much easier if you haven’t found it already. Grab the sword next to his throne and use the special attack to stun him.


So… Anyone else struggled with Lorian and Lothric??


Got the old Sharp Lothric Great sword +10, a lot of flame resistant shit, have got rid of my armour and am rolling like a motherfucker… Got close to doing it once but otherwise I get capped super quick once Lothric comes in.


Yes. Nails, innit. One of two I ended up summoning for.


One of the few bosses I did first time. One heroic battle after wandering through the fog gate just to see what’s what before calling it a night.

I realise this is no help to you but I’m gonna bring this up at every available opportunity forever.


Did that with Pontiff Sullyvahn, but really dunno how you managed that


I had an absolute nightmare with the Pontiff tbf. Funny how builds and playstyles can make for such a different experience.


Doing a new run through bloodborne because it’s on psplus

Got to Rom and was all like arrrrgggghhhhh the amount of trouble this guy gave me last time i played. Killed the first wave of spiders and went to work on him. Stun locked him somehow (glitch??) and he ported to the 3rd teleport and i just sprinted past the spiders and one hit him for the kill. Didn’t even use a blood vial

Was amazing