A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne (2019 unkindled mix)



Started again haven’t I? doing a playthrough with a magic build this time around. I forgot this game was really hard. Still in the Forest of Fallen Giants after like 4 hours


Have now died more from soul of cinder than the princes I think. Such an unnecessary boss too argh just want to get the end cut scene ffs.


Two weeks today until dark souls one remaster is out! Wooooo! :grinning:


^finished this on ng+ btw. Find ng+ such a calming experience after the first playthrough, only Aldrich and the Soul of Cinder managed to kill me at all out of the bosses*

*still not managed to defeat the Nameless King cos how can I, seriously cmon


8 days now until the remaster is released. Seems to be a few angry/disappointed people. Unsure how to feel about it really. It may not be a huge upgrade but it’ll give me an excuse to play through again and saves getting the PS3 out of the cupboard. I was a latecomer too so the servers weren’t particularly well populated on my previous playthroughs.

Sold DS:PTD, and Rayman Legends now it’s on PS+, to partially fund it, so technically it’s not a big outlay for me anyway. Just need Demon Souls and New Vegas for the PS4 and I can probably get shot of my PS3.


Yeah I saw a lot of entitled ‘it’s not going to be exactly the same’ whinging and a lot of ‘it’s not been changed enough’ fussing. Whatever. I personally cannot wait!


Just wrapping the main story up now then off to the punishing world of DLC.

This game is so odd. The start is NO FUN. For such a long time, especially with the remixed enemies around Heides Tower of Flame. So many brown mulchy levels, too many bosses, the game then either adjusting to be incredibly easy or Fucking Ridiculous. Still find myself drawn to it


Also some of the level/world design. I know it’s been talked about to death but Good Grief.


I know it’s been said a million times but the elevator up to lavatown. I hope someone got a severe talking to about that.

The first section on SOTFS really is a complete bastard as well. “Let’s take this flawed game and make it almost unbearable to play for the first few hours!” Yeah, cheers for that.


I would quite like to retire in a little cottage in Majula though.


Happy Remaster Day everyone! Going to be rushing home from school and waiting by the post box today :slight_smile:


JFC the dlc for dark souls 2 is so bastard hard I’d forgotten! Elina the Squalid Queen when she summons in that big boss dude from the undead crypt! Those 3 lads in the cave of the dead! All made harder by the fact that no fucker is playing this game anymore so I can only summon NPC’s to help me and they’re useless.

The level design and feel is so much better than most of the main game though. It’s a joy.


Still have my switch preorder, no idea if they’ve announced a release date yet though? Frustrating.it was basically my motivation for buying the console.


There isn’t a number high enough for how many tries it took me to beat the bastard Fume Knight. Felt like a pretty big man when I finally did it.


Oh no I’d forgotten about him. Might have to use a soul vessel and change my sourcerer dude into some sort of muscle man. This isn’t really working out for me.


The bell’s a bit much atm :wink: Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed my romp through the undead burg and undead parish this evening. Met one of those bulbous insect fellas, which has never happened on any of my previous playthroughs.


Still just says summer sadly.


Still waying up whether to spend £18 on what basically amounts to a game I have already played but in 60fps… probably will but am going to regret it.


She’s the most trouble I’ve ever had with a Souls boss. Must have died 100 times to her. The NPC summons are completely useless. They just die within a minute leaving a buffed boss for you to deal with.

The dlc is generally excellent though. Think there’s actually one that I never got around to playing through…


Really can’t decide whether to wait for the Switch version or not. Love the idea of playing Dark Souls on the Switch, buuut if I go for the ps4 version I could be playing it tonight.

  • Be patient and wait for the Switch version
  • Take my money PSN

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