A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne and, begrudgingly, Sekiro (2020 4 phase boss fight mix)

I had the same dreams, but I ended up bailing a few chalice dungeons before I was due to meet her. Trying to fight Rom The Nobhead Spider in a cell the size of a toilet drove me to despair


I’m stuck on the last boss before getting the final chalice to meet the Queen, it’s just so frustraiting trying to battle Amygdala in a cursed chalice with only 50% of your maximum health. I can get it down to about 1/3 health but invariably I make one mistake and get one-shotted with an instant kill.

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It’s the only game I’ve platinumed and the only game I ever will probably


Quite fancy another play through of Bloodborne but also not excited at the idea of having to fight Micolash, Host of BBC Breakfast again. Just so tedious


Just to check, you are at least halfway through NG+ right?

Yes - trying to complete my platinum hall on NG+ (I have Forbidden woods to tidy up then I am off to the Nightmare frontier in the main game). I think I might have to do a bit of leveling up to increase my HP some more to try and not get one-shotted.

Ah man I never grow tired of the whole Micolash setup. The dialogue and sadness is so good and I have the route down to a fine art.

yeah but



Ah cool. I’ve heard of people trying to struggle through the later chalice dungeons before they go to NG+ because they assume their progress will reset like the main game.

ah man the Chalice dungeons ruined that game for me… so monotonous, an hour’s work just for a gem that will increase my AR by 2.5%. I’m not an achievement hunter so I’m not that bothered about finishing them all

Yes! My one and only Platinum trophy finally achieved.


I actually quite enjoyed the chalice dungeons personally. Would stick on a podcast and grind through em. Last ones got really hard though obviously, but I basically became so over-levelled everything became quite easy after finishing it, going to fight the last in game boss afterwards was a piece of piss, must have beat them in about 5 hits.

Would love a Bloodborne 2. LOVE IT.

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Starting to enjoy 2 a bit more now - have just beaten the lost bastille/sinners rise/belfry Luna area which had a kind of new londo ruins feel. Was fun!

Had a sneak peak and where I should go next…looks like this game’s version of Blightown. Not looking forward tbh.

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Ah, the Gutter. I hope you like seeing your loot dropping through the floor


It’s not that bad to be fair. At least it’s in 60fps. Just bring a lot of poison moss and an offhand weapon for dealing with a certain environmental hazard

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I liked the Gutter! I enjoyed lighting the torches as I went through, got a real sense of exploration and progress.

Started 3 now. Was not impressed to find a boss blocking the way after five minutes. Found him really difficult in melee mode as well, ended up going back and rolling a new pyromancer.


I found the opening boss of ds3 way easier as a melee character than as a mage

I could barely get him to the second stage when I was trying melee, but saw him off in about two goes with my fireballs. This is the first time I’ve used magic in any of these games - what have I been missing all these months!

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Huh! Good Times! :grinning: