A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne and, begrudgingly, Sekiro (2020 4 phase boss fight mix)


Finished up The Surge 2 at the weekend. It doesn’t reach the heights of my favourite types of these games, but it was a lot of fun. It was great to have a ‘lighter’ one of these games. The combat is fast and pretty fluid, liked the way they dealt with difficulty by having certain implants (like Nier: Automata) which gave you more on-screen information for parries and other bits and bobs that you could take off for more power, or keep on to help track more information for you. It was continuously fun doing the limb cutting thing for armour and I had a blast.

The story is absolute bobbins, and I did not care about anything that happened. Also, it got really easy towards the end, I didn’t take any time out to grind so maybe just got better at it? Overall though, if you see it cheap and fancy a 20-hour one-of-those I think it’s worth your time!

I bought Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition (PS3) before lockdown started. Going to start playing it tonight. No idea what to expect. Anything I should know before starting?

Choose the master key as your gift. Think that’s it.

Strongly disagree, great when you’ve been through the game once but can easily send you down some paths too early for a newcomer.

First Dark Souls? Lots of tips but think you’re better coming at it wihout them and just asking in here if you get stuck or don’t understand how the concepts work.

You don’t have to fight the first big lad you see. You’ll know the one.

Absolutely do not take the master key!

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+1 for not choosing the master key

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