A day early filth thread

Have you ever had it off with somebody who shares the name with one of your parents?

I know it’s a day early, but I’m busy tomorrow. So there.

i have not, no.

Thankfully, no. Quite glad the name Susan has gone out of fashion.

Ban this sick filth!

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What is the name? Don’t leave us guessing here.

Neither have I Japes. Perhaps there’s a reason for this.

I call them all Daddy anyway



how come calling someone daddy is hot but calling someone mummy is just fuckin weird


Always reminds me of this


creepy af

Is calling someone daddy hot? I have never done this and would feel weird doing so!

I started calling my FWBs this drunkenly on Saturday evening and sent him a happy fathers day bitmoji, then remembered his dad died a few months ago :grimacing: he found it funny though

Would really like to get an ironic choker saying DADDY, but I think I’d be too embarrassed to ever wear it.

If only I knew their (not my parents) name! Right, guys? :sweat_smile::unamused:

No, but one letter out, which was insanely erotic.

These made me laugh


My Dad’s probably still got about 40 people in his phone with POF after them.

Susan POF
Paula POF
Yvette POF

Odd thing to do.

Yes but we just kissed

how do you know who’s in yr da’s phone

Well I don’t for sure but the amount of times I’ve been sat in his house near his phone and it’s gone off with the horrendous text tone he has and I’ve looked down and it’s said “Linda POF” as he panickedly scrambles towards it to put it in his pocket… suggests it might be many.