A day in the life of HSBC executive Melania Edwards


Her friends and family must love that. ‘It’s half past 6 in the morning, what on earth do you want!’.

Assuming she exists, which she almost certainly doesn’t.

The images look like stock photos (which makes me think that it’s all made up), and I’m not sure that she actually does anything in her job, but starting at 9.00am, taking 90 minutes for lunch and being home before 7.00pm sounds alright, no?

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Weirdly narcissistic to think that your pals want a phone called every morning.

Seems like an easy life though.

Hear that, millennials? Tech companies!

I hate her!

Doesn’t it say that she’s British, so presumably they’re in a more sociable timezone?

honestly reckon if someone said I could earn £1million a year but I had to live her lifestyle for at least 20 years, I’d rather just be poor

This is really good content. Thanks for sharing.

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You’re quite right. Sorry, Melania!

" She gets into the office around 9 a.m."

Aye, we all know what “around” 9 a.m. means, don’t we? What a slacker.


Pretty much what I do, but Melania probably earns more money than me.

English breakfast tea is my favorite, as I am British.


Anybody who claims to exercise before work is, without fail, a) a stonecold liar, and b) an utter sociopath.

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My adblocker means I can’t read this. I’m ok with that.


used to get off at the previous bus stop and run the rest of the way into work when I was younger

That’s allowed.

George from work does

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Full of useful tips like “It’s time for lunch around noon”.