A day in the life of HSBC executive Melania Edwards

Been working in the financial services sector for the last 23 years. Terribly dull (but I do have a pension unlike most people I know).

but the window and painting are in the reflection, so you have to look at the reflection woman who is looking at it, to her left

but is her left right

Shit I am wrong. One of the pics has been flipped.

I didn’t realise she coldn’t even be bothered to hang up her mirror even when photographers are coming round. She’s got a touch of the @epimer bone idles.

that’s be true if there wasn’t a mirror but doesn’t that flip it again, like a double negative sort of thing?

Forget her, just look at the sofa and the pictures.

I now see I’m wrong. Her visible shoulder straps should be on her right shoulder but in the pic they’re on her left.

Hang on that doesn’t make sense either as the Tom Ford book would be wrong.

So the yoga pic must be flipped?

Apology accepted.

this is a good sub-thread though isn’t it?

Yes. Surely proof that whoever made this whole thing up is a diabolical genius.

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she seems nice


also they shut the local branch of my HSBC

to be fair so did every other bank

lotta derelict buildings that used to be banks

How close was it to you?

I have now answer

Used to be like a five minute walk

wow, who the heck is this?

Well if you’re asking :wink:

He’s Mikhail Youzhny, the second most successful Russian male tennis player of all time, who retired a month ago. The picture of him is of him doing his “salute” which he started doing as a tribute to his dad who was in the army. Nicknamed “The Colonel” he was also best known for on more than one occasion battering his own head with his racquet and drawing blood.

In short one of those slightly mental also-rans that us tennis fans tend to get a soft spot for.

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