A deep dive into my Facebook message requests

Spot the odd one out.


rrie is the best soap opera ever made

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Sex with son :grimacing:

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What did you do to poor Jake?

  • I get lots of requests like this
  • I occasionally get requests like this
  • I never get requests like this
  • Not on Facebook
  • Other

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I called him a “nonce”, presume it was for a pro-Tory comment


I don’t even understand what these requests are in relation to facebook. Is a message request different to a friend request?

Usually someone you’re not friends with trying to message you.

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Never forget x


Amber seems to want you to explain to her what sex is.

I’m not sure she is legit - be careful.

Used to get a fair number of these, but not recently. Although i did have two on Instagram when I woke up this morning.

Only current message request I have is this, which is from September 2019

No idea who this person is, what they’re referring to, why they’ve messaged me. Stuff like this is weirdo imho, sounds legit and there’s no obvious scam???

Wish I got ANY messages, let alone sexy ones or people moaning that I’ve called them a nonce.


Get loads of spam messages on instagram but rarely on Facebook, used to get a few though

I never really had any until mid January.

Yeah, as of about 3 weeks ago I’ve started getting shit loads of these on Instagram

At first I was reporting them, and I’m guessing that somehow they worked out that my account was active from that and now I’m getting them every couple of days there.

Sex ones on Instagram. Don’t use/haven’t checked Facebook for ages but it was mainly stuff about events I had no interest in.

Even my actual friends don’t message me, seems like the sexbots are following their lead.


I don’t even know how to find message requests, unless that means i haven’t got any at the moment

Had one on insta the other week that wasn’t a sex one, just a random asking me to follow some artist. I do get some of those where a spammer tags a bunch of random accounts in the comments of something, or fake sexy lady accounts following me on twitter

Also a Countdown series champ convicted of stalking and committing GBH on a woman for a negative book review sent me a message request ages ago out of nowhere saying “I am feeling good today, [Pervo].” :grimacing:

Ones I’ve accepted that went weird:

  • old dude congratulated me then started messaging me about the death of John Lennon

  • dude from Maine was wayyy OTT, most of it is just very uncomfortable to read (he kept addressing me as ‘gorgeous’ or ‘sexy’ even when he apparently had a girlfriend :face_vomiting: ) so here are some highlights of weirdness. can you tell I was depressed and desperate for validation at this point.

This was the final straw, he sent this on a Saturday morning when I was busy and 15 MINUTES LATER got agitated I hadn’t seen his message yet. For reference, I was preparing to visit my 95 y/o grandfather in hospital (who died a week later) and it was icy outside, so I was having to carefully walk downhill to not slip over, I got extremely angry with yer man feeling entitled to my attention and I blocked him immediately after

“Would you like to see what I keep inside my boxers?” is a very funny sentence IMO