A deep dive into my Facebook message requests

Oh way to take over my thread Pervo

Sorry Jordo, I think that’s me done now x


They keep changing it on messenger, now you have to click on the little profile pic in the top corner and it’s on the menu in there.

Do you have the Facebook messenger app? Click on your profile photo at the top left and this will come up

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I bet it’s a Flymo lawnmower.

Thanks, and @jordan_229

They’re pretty much all “facebook user” which i guess means the account has been deleted, and the most recent is from a year ago, so i guess I’m even more unpopular with spammers than i am with my actual friends

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It’s “keep” isn’t it. That’s why it’s funny.


Mines my own name and face, am i doing something wrong?

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I deactivated my facebook a while ago but I get instagram messages from sexbots etc.

The most annoying ones I deal with are in the Words with Friends apps. So many men with fake pictures (often the same photo is used with different accounts) who start a game, play a 3 point word and then just start messaging. They soon resign when I don’t reply, or repeatedly message me asking why I’m not replying (how dare I ignore them?!). Just fuck off!

In fairness to James, he carried on playing and we had several good games.


‘Good morning’

:smiley: :smiley:


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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My favourites are the ones that carry on with the conversation after I’ve basically told them to fuck off! :laughing:


This is my only one - it’s very old and I’m pretty sure Facebook never showed it me at the time

I’m not from Neston, or Broadbottom

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Whoops. I’ve just discovered a genuine facebook group chat in there with some of my Glasgow mates which started last April. Only 2798 unread messages.

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Reminds me of when someone I know stuck the bag from a box of wine in his trousers, so he could smuggle it past security at an ATP.

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Really want to see an episode of Catfish that starts with a scrabble app.


While we’re on the subject of Messenger, someone who lives upstairs messaged me recently because someone got my flat number wrong on a parcel. I’ve deleted the conversation but the guy still shows up in the circles along the top when he’s online. I don’t really want a total stranger showing up in my app, how do i get rid of him?

‘I am a sincere, sensitive, hopeless romantic. My absolute favourite movie is the Princess Bride’

Is he Gareth Keenan?

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I did that many times, had cans taped to my thighs too. Worked a charm as the ATP security only ever patted down your top half.

This comment has done me…

“i must confess i like your face it’s the most amazing face i have ever seen”

Congratulations on your face bab :smiley:

You’d think they’d start by complementing your scrabble skills!

I am also impressed at you starring out the word fucking :slight_smile:

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