A deeper understanding of the universe and the interrelationships within

During the summer months I can now tell what the weather forecast is purely by the traffic on the roads at 6.50am.

Light - overcast, colder
Medium - medium
Heavy - scorcher

Have you become more enlightened and at one with the universe of late?

Yeah, thought you wouldn’t have.

if everyone on the way to work is carrying an umbrella: it is raining
if everyone is taps aff: it is hot
if no one is about: it is a bank holiday and i should have stayed in bed

I can’t even think of a way to make this into a joke that isn’t disgusting

If @japes is in the office then it’s likely a bank holiday for the rest of us.

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Hold on, doesnt traffic increase when its raining coz all the cycling krew get in their cars instead?


Obv o cycle


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A little of that BUT people will start earlier to finish earlier on a nice day. Which pisses me the fuck off as I start early every day and these fair weather clowns are travelling on my time.