A DiSer outfit

Thar she blows!




can’t remember what anyone was wearing at the last DiS meat I attended

can’t believe that not a single photograph was taken either

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With a giant bow on the helmet (wahey)

I remember your nice jacket

maximally creepy, this



Ctrl + F: Cardigan

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can’t remember which one I was wearing - was it the camo one?

everyone knows a good technical jacket is one of those three in one jobs with the fleece inside that you can take out


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I’m clearly not a very average disser as I have black nike air max on, a pair of marksies patterned trousers and a TIGHT t shirt on to show off my assets.

Scarf: Mein Text.


not half-and-half enough

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(I know who he is but I’m not sure if you’re pretending not to KWHIP as a counter-burn)

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football match accessory - large stadium foam hand

wig status: unconfirmed

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Rucksack - HYG’s Jansport bag that always reminds him of Milly Dowler…

It wasn’t intended as burn, just a bad choice of word.

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I obviously don’t own that bag, it would be too traumatic.