A dj on your wedding?

A Wedding is usually one of typically the most memorable occasions of someone’s existence. Everyone desires to make his / her wedding party memorable and attractive. There are several actions that you can follow in order to make the wedding precious and even unforgettable. One particular things is getting a marriage DJ. Just what exactly will a wedding DJ do?

Ideally high quality talks with the particular wedding couple a very few weeks before typically the party. They talk about things like, what sort of music do you wish to be played? Contemporary? Or do a person prefer to job theme-wise? For example of this, and all-Hawaiian nighttime, or perhaps a 70’s style party. After queries like this, the better DJ enquire about the program of the particular evening. Most regarding the times the particular newly weds in order to be have a very plan.

For example in:- 6 g. m. the visitors get there- 7 p. m. trim the cake instructions 9. 30 s. m. the primary dance and so forth etc.For all these moments the DJ really needs a playlist not only typically the bride and groom like, but the guests love and even enjoy. Many times when they don’t strategy correctly, a bunch of guests get bored and start discussing throughout the special times. And that is one involving those things a person don’t want to be able to happen in your unique evening. If the evening falls, and folks consume more, it’s time for you to start dancing! Make an effort to plan ahead that the music will be more up-tempo by than.

People often move earlier to the dance floor if the music is usually faster, which is exactly what you want, the full dance floor. Begin with happy tunes for example: Kool & The Gang - Celebration. Songs like that tend in order to be great floor-fillers. “Happy” 70’s and 80’s songs promise a good start off. Why? Because https://djamm.in/ knows those tunes! It’s as simple as that.
This is also advised that you should perfectly cross check out the sound system that is used on the wedding nighttime. One of typically the most important points that you have to check is usually the sound system: their clarity and strength. Apart from this kind of you should also check the particular lighting effects, nobody wants bad lamps during a party


Bad Lamps
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£5 OTD
Old Blue Last


Make the first dance Tiger Crew - Kevin is in Jail, and the rest will follow.


Oh, snap. I’m about to get married in two weeks, and I could really use a DJ. If only there was one who had some Kool and the Gang to play.

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This is a brilliant idea, good luck with it!


thank you very much! :heart:


Damn, I’d have NEVER come up with that!! Great tip!


Early LC! lyrics etc


I’d like to hear more about this pls


At all Hawaiian NightTime’s It’s all Hawaiian nighttime, all the time


Just plug Spotify in, put on shuffle and away we go!

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(nighttimes only)


It’s like I’ve always said:


Bit of William Basinski for the old folks always goes down well


Can’t go wrong with a megamix. Jive Bunny is good as everyone loves classic rock ‘n roll.


I found you some songs, mabye if you hear it you can feel the vibes!!

  • Hawaiian wedding song
    You’ll also hear this song at luaus in Hawaii, dedicated to all the newlyweds, honeymooners, and people celebrating anniversaries.
    While Elvis Presley made it famous, many Hawaiian artists have recorded their own versions of it.

  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
    Its a disney song, from Lilo and Stitch. It’s in the scene where Lilo is swimming in the ocean at the beginning of the movie.
    Really fun for the kids as well :smile:

  • My Little Grass Shack
    This is a really iconic hawaiian song.
    I read was originally meant as a parody of the 1920s song “Back in Hackensack, New Jersey.” However, after a lot of tweaking and adding in local flavor, it morphed into what it is now

hope this helped

  • Really elaborate Ma0sm bit
  • Genuine

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Either way it’s good

Much thanks!

I’m also very interested in hearing more about DJ Envelope? I hear he really pushes the… boundaries of Djing


Really putting in the groundwork with that website featuring DJ Envelope