A fancy leather wash bag


I really think that owning one of these is a sign that you’ve established yourself in the world as a grown up.


My wash bag has mr burns on it


I’m still making do with a plain leather wash bag


I’ve got a non-leather wash bag and I’m not entirely sure why I have it


I’ll need to see a pic really


Wash bags are bullshit aren’t they. Only used a few times a year, inevitably crusted with exploded tooth paste and other scum, rammed with soaps you stole from hotels that you don’t actually want or need, and they don’t even fit proper bottles of stuff. Plus you have to decant the contents into a tiny plastic bag anyway. I tend to just use them now.


I like the ones that you can hang on hooks and they fold down like this…


This is the type of shit Ronaldo and the Real Madrid boys get excited about. Anyone who has any Luis Vuitton stuff should be shot (apart from my mum).


That’s because you’re not a grown up yet, grown ups can keep leather clean, even of toothpaste!


Leather wash bag

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My mum got me a Ted Baker wash bag for Christmas.



Mine has a hook on it, completely pointless


have you phoned your mum to ask her if she’d know if she had an orgasm?


I just use a plastic shopping bag


I’ve checked in her LV washbag - why would she have those contents if she didn’t.


makes the hook a lot safer



hook bag wash car door hook


Sometimes I just use an ikea freezer bag.