A few small changes


Just been fiddling.

https://community.drownedinsound.com/ now has latest topics. Trying to work out how to make it a little more compact.

Added your posts and bookmarked threads to the top bar.

Any other little tweaks people would like?

Why does the site look like this
Good Friday? Let's Hope So

mate, I’ve had 5 angry birds pop ups in the last 10 minutes. can you turn the pop ups down again plz.


There shouldn’t be any pop up ads! Have upgraded your user level so you should stop seeing ads.


do I get to boss everyone around now?


Hope you have a good Easter weekend Sean x

Good Friday? Let's Hope So

Changes look lovely, cheers Sean :slight_smile:


Sean. As a personal joke before his fortnight i Athens Theo’s disabled my moderating privileges. Can you please reinstate them? I like a joke as much as the next man, but…


I have voted. 4 left.


what’s this voting business about


Not sure. Turned it on because I didn’t know what it was.


I’ve used all mine on various jordy threads. worth it imo


Can’t like threads now. How am I supposed to like Jordans threads!!


how about now?




Site colour is now the same as the main site.


Is there anyway to make the thread title smaller? Dead giveaway at work, and can’t look at any of the fun threads.


Do you used chrome? you could go into developer mode and switch to mobile view?


Hello Sean,

I have also been getting pop ups. I don’t mind ads, but pop ups are a bit annoying.


Very odd. something i’ve changed has activated ads that should be blocked. We shouldn’t be serving pop ups.

Gimme a minute.


Looks great, like the logo at the top when scrolling