A filthy filth thread (public polls)

Shower sex

  • Overrated
  • Underrated
  • I don’t have sex with bathroom appliances

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@Avery’s a splosher?


yeah this’d be the option I’d choose on almost any poll in fairness

fully up for slathering myself in custard and piss if my partner is into it

I’m a maverick. Sue me.

Rated just fine



As you made it private: booze, weed and coke. Would be well up for doing it on mandy if I could.

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Ahaha potw please mate that fucking got me

you’re easily pleased x

Euwww the piss would totally spoil the flavour of the custard.

Alright Gregg

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How is shower sex currently rated, generally speaking? I mean it was all the rage when I was younger but fell out of favour but I don’t know if that’s a trend or an age thing.

Maybe we need a How Hot Is It set of threads?

“I’m never coming back to this Wetherspoons!”


Booze, md and coke for me (Clive).

the custard would spoil the piss too tbf

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At least a 15 I think.


8.3 BNS

Alcohol. The only other thing on the list I’ve tried is weed and I’ve nae shagging on it

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What have I done?

All of them bar acid, gbh and speed ¯_(ツ)_/¯