A first class stamp should be sufficient on one of those A4 envelopes (is it C4 if it's an envelope?)

That’s just a fucking fact

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It’s genuinely astonishing to me that people still need to send written documents in the post


A5 window envelopes are very difficult to source on the high street unless you want to pay a king’s ransom.

Can you buy an assorted mix of envelopes? The kind of purchase I could do with making

It used to be so easy in the old days. Letter or parcel, first or second class. Now you need to do all sorts of measuring and weighing. Voodoo.

You dont wanna be sending c4 in an envelope mate


Had to send off loads of shit for a mortgage, it got delayed for ages cos I only put a first-class stamp on it and they had to pay £1.50 for the postage (which I’m sure they’ll pass on to me). It’s first-class, there isn’t a stamp above it.

Aye, that’s the last time I had to post anything as well. I see Natwest now have a paperless application. I would pay an extra £150 a month now if I could have had that then.

hate the ‘new’ postage rules. Oh, large letter is it? fuck off m9

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Does it weigh less than 100g? I don’t fucking know.

Don’t even care if it takes a few days longer for a big envelope, a first-class stamp should ALWAYS suffice.

Still get the cold sweats from when [redacted] sent me [redacted] in the post but underpaid on postage, and I had to go and collect it from the sorting office :grimacing:

Sticking it through those slots in the plastic thing at the Post Office

  • Yep, I’m super-careful
  • No, to hell with caution!
  • Save it for Thursday, CCB

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Just sent a letter (61p) and a 100g large letter (83p) via work. Thanks for listening.

Bought a book of stamps, put one on the letter. Now I’ve got 5 stamps I’m never going to use. Would have fired them all on the letter if I’d known.

Most corner shops and independent newsagents (and any Post Office) will sell single stamps.

My nearest sorting office (Norton Streer - the MME lads will all know it) is an absolute ballache. Made the mistake of going on a Saturday morning once to pick up a Recorded Delivery letter. Queue was, not overexaggerating, sixty people long, one guy on the desk, slow as fuck. Over an hour later i got to the front, got my letter, was a recall notice for a washing machine we’d replaced years ago. Shambles.

“Does it contain anything of value?”

Well obviously, Valerie. Why the fuck would I be spending money posting something for no reason.

sent my dad a parcel for his birthday which included some sweets. lied about what was in it because not sure if you can send sweets. swear they make up the rules.

Lifehack: fold your large letters in half

:musical_note::musical_note::musical_note: FOLD MY LIFE INTO PIECES, THIS IS MY ENVELOPE :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

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