A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


bit yewtree

also, where’s the stats for minutes given to 35 year olds?




is Pienaar 35? blimey


Mbappé has got a bit of a young Thierry Henry about him hasn’t he… also he sounds like a Hanson song. Big fan


Rickie Lambert!


Cahill, Rose and De Gea the only debatable ones there


maybe Sanchez for Mane too?


Rose because he’s been injured? He’s been better than Walker.

Arguably our best player this season tbh I fucking love him


More because Alonso’s arguably had a better season than Rose. Can’t think of another standout right back to challenge Walker


Yeah I guess so, maybe Clyne? I dunno though. Don’t think there are any good right backs really


Coleman :cry: was having a good season but yeah, Walker’s kinda in by default there.

Tony Valencia’s been decent tbf


I would go any of Courtois, Lloris or Heaton over De Gea. Alderweild over Cahill (who has been Chelsea’s 5th best defender this season) and Alonso over Rose.


Yeah that’d be my changes too. Chuck in Sanchez for Mane and Rooney for Kane and you’ve got a really good team there


Mbappé, Papa Diop, and ndl


Oh ffs




Heaton for De Gea and (no joke) Milner for Rose


And literally anyone over Cahill

Wes Morgan’ll do


Yeah, first year in four DDG shouldn’t be in with a shout. Heaton and Lloris above him at least


had absolutely no idea he was still playing tbh.