A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


is that where the word excruciating comes from? ex-cruciate?


Bah Gawd, that's Wayne's music



yeah, not great was it


wait - why is Anthony Martial coming out to Wayne Rooney's music? what... what in the hell is going on, here?


I've no idea but I'll take your word for it


aww fuck that would have been a great goal


going wide anyway :')


Only got a year to live :frowning:


United having to resort to giving a £60m striker a run-out.

Down to four fit senior attackers now.


Is Rashford gonna be really good, or really disappointing?

Because a front 3/4 of Martial, Rashford, Mkhitaryan and Pogba could be pretty great fun to watch...


Wtf is going on with these corners!


if Pogba wasn't pretending to be a box-to-box midfielder, sure.


he's really good

there really ought not be so much playing time given to the 30+ contingent




Not sure what Fellaini can do on that foul bar chopping his hands off before he jumps


119th minute scuffed Fellaini winner. Put the pre-Brexit British economy on it.






Fuck lagging Middle Eastern streams.


For those who remember my dad's Ronaldo clanger earlier in the week, he also spent the first 20 minutes tonight berating Rashford for being useless.