A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


Oof heartbreaker in Gelsenkirken... I conceded a goal just like that today except it came off the boy's face


Glory glory Man Uniiiiiited!


Never in doubt...


they made heavy work of that but I'm happy for Rashford (& @Antpocalypsenow & @AphexTwinkletoes &etc)


They were absolute shite both legs


but enough about manchester united!


Holy cow. That was stressful. I wish Marcus Rashford was my son.


Spanish commentary on Rashford:

"this guy is going to be a star"

they haven't got a fucking clue about young English players, do they.


my grandad on Ferguson when they had the cameras on him in the stands:

"is he still an alcoholic?"


Fitter. Appiah. More productive.


Schalke absolutely fucked that like


Allow them their non-tweaked beards and touching naivety.


what's Spanish for 'Does the Pope shit in the woods?'



Rashford es el Macheda nuevo, absolutemente


Quick lads penalty shoot out in Constantinople!


Sky breaking Costa to China.




wouldn't be too sad to see him go tbh. bit too much of a pillock to tolerate longer than 3 seasons, and I'm fairly sure he's at least 38 years old.


Lukaku back to the Bridge then?

Lukaku + Mbappé should be around £200million


I can think of the perfect like-for-like replacement