A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


Think Ibra’s off to the MLS


honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we went in for Morata.


Think someone is going to get an absolute bargain on Batshuayi


but why would he leave a Champions League winning side to come to Brexit Britain?


He’ll go to Arsenal for 30 million and will score a maximum of 10 goals per season, before being loaned to Southampton in 3 years time.


the superior banta.


I know you’ve got a habit of getting daft money for your cast-offs, but surely you won’t get anything close to 30 mios


he’s only 23 and thats less than we paid for him last summer!

ideally, he’d stay and start for Chelsea next season, but I absolutely know that won’t happen.


oh aye, but Conte obviously doesn’t fancy him, which normally has a knock on a players sell-on value (this seems to not apply to Chelsea)


yeah. Don’t get the thing with Morata tbh - he’s not that good.

suspect its literally because he’s good looking.




Save it for the filth thread


smaak :ok_hand:




Ugo Ehiogu has died - really sad news.


Very very sad news


That news yesterday sounded bad, this is just awful.

Was a classy centre half in his day.



Just 44 years old. No age for an athlete to have a heart attack. RIP :pensive:


RIP Ugo, i’ll never gorget that goal :cry: