A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


Fucking hell, that’s awful news


So sad
44 ffs :cry:


He was in the very first players I loved when I got into football :cry:


Horrible. Makes you think about how fucking fragile we are, when you can be in good health at 44 and still pass away suddenly.


Real v Atletico in the semis, thank fuck


Just heard the news there. Loved that Villa side of the early to mid nineties and thought he was great. Sad, sad news.


Please don’t be an Atletico Juve final, any other combination works pretty well though


Ideal final

  • Atletico - Juve
  • Atletico - Monaco
  • Real - Juve
  • Real - Monaco

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actual final

  • Atletico - Juve
  • Atletico - Monaco
  • Real - Juve
  • Real - Monaco

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gutted about Ugo. first started supporting Villa around the time he was in the team, him and Southgate were ace together

what a player…this is shit


Juve vs Real would be the best match. Monaco vs Atletico has the least chance of Real winning and provides the most interesting winner.

Depends what the ideal is.


mate just vote, don’t overthink it


Depends what your ideal is. Any game involving Atletico is likely to be bit dull, but they deserve a champions league to crown their last 5/6 years.

Monaco - Real would be the hummiest dinger, probably a completely batshit game but would 100% end with Ronaldo’s stupid fucking take-off celebration


Brexit means brexit


Yeah this basically. Juve Real would be the best game, but any scenario in which Real don’t make the final would be fine by me.

But they will, and they’ll win it. Boot, human face, etc.


fuck having atletico in the final tbh


not sure it’s really ethical to report on and share this. prisons dehumanise people and make them resort to weird coping mechanisms. obviously what he did was indefensible but the circumstances of this are probably journalists paying another prisoner (who has also done something wrong for him to be in there) to get a story.


There’s no good winner of that Semi, but at least there’ll be a good guy in the final. Would be fucking mint for Buffon to win it (maybe save a dodgy last minute See Are Seven penalty)


aye, i agree with you really. it’s definitely under a kind of duress and the sun’s way of obtaining the info is almost certainly immoral, but most importantly publishing something like this puts stress on the victim.

there’s a whole discussion to have about this - his comment, disgracefully, doesn’t veer far away from what often passes as lads banter - but sharing this type of inflammatory tabloid rubbish isn’t necessarily a productive way to do so.

@Parsefone delete the link, my man


Ajax vs Lyon
Celta Vigo vs Utd

Looking forward to Pione Sisto tearing us a new one again


I hope Iago Aspas scores a number of goals (more than 1)