A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


In all srssns that was the draw I wanted second most/second least.

They’ve beaten Real and Barca this season but they’re also like 11th in La Liga or something so you know


33/1 for a Monaco-Lyon :fr: double :money_with_wings:


Was hoping for Vigo away second leg as I have a couple days off around then. Let’s hope Captain Darmian will lead us to victory.


Would be really happy to see Juve, Monaco or Atletico win it.

Atletico just cos of how extraordinary the job Simeone has done, and how horrific 2014/2016 were. Would bloody love to see them do it this time.

Juve classy af and it’s absurd Buffon+Bonucci+Chiellini haven’t won one. Plus it’d be fun to see Dani Alves continue his ridiculous trophy-collecting career after Barca binned him off unceremoniously. Feel like they’re the actual best team in Europe but they’ll need to prove it. I think this is a better team than the one that lost in 2015, which is absurd given that midfield was Pirlo/Pogba/Vidal/Marchisio.

Monaco are probably the most exciting young team in a generation and obviously the best thing about this season. Feels like there’s been occasions where the exciting, unexpected team has got close (Dortmund 2013, Atletico 2014) but it’s probably not since Porto in 2004 that a real outsider has won it.

Madrid again would just be awful. They’ve got that horrible thing Ferguson’s Man Utd often had, where I swear to God they’re really not actually that good - by actually being better than teams for 90 minutes - but just sheer will to win and being arrogant bastards gives them an edge. Their squad is obscene and clearly the best in Europe, which explains why they’re probably about to win the league, but in terms of first XI, I’m not convinced they’re better than Juve/Bayern/a very lopsided Barca.


Who do you want to win it?

  • Athletico
  • Juventus
  • Monaco
  • Real Madrid

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They’re all much of a muchness really. Midtable team in a good league or two tinpot mickey mouse clubs from tinpot mickey mouse leagues in tinpot mickey mouse countries.

Also last time (citation needed) you played a midtable Spanish team over two legs it was very, very funny


me: this monaco team sure are fun, and I’d rather Athletico over Real (just) but this Juve team deserves a CL Title imo


Was that Bielsa’s Athletic Bilbao? Because that was indeed glorious.


This has got that written all over it as well btw


Yes mate, a quick look on youtube suggests it was very funny indeeed


Drew the bloody favourite didn’t we!

*For anyone in doubt, the favourite in the Europa League = whichever Spanish team is in it.


It actually was funny in fairness because that was back when the Europa League was a load of shite rather than the premium thinking man’s European club competition that it is today.


That Bilbao kit was very good wasn’t it


Their home kit was nicer, also we probably got Herrera off the back of that so that was good as well


Whatever happened to Iker Muniain?


He’s still there


The last two times they played each other was in the Champions League group stage. Both games finished 0-0. Exciting!

Date for the home game is up in the air, as Thursday 4 May is Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. Celta Vigo v Man Utd will be played that day.


Injuries? Not improve? Do a Macheda? he looked shit hot that season and he was 18 or something, think he got some Spain caps and everything


Had a nightmare of an injury a couple of years ago iirc, did his ACL


Does this prohibit games being played?