A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


I don’t think he progressed as much as was hoped but he’s still doing alright. Played very well last week actually (I say this like I watch them all the time - I just caught half an hour or so of their last game)


The real quiz

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  • Manchester United

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ha my mate’s dad pulled a whitey on a stag do in Amsterdam during the minute’s silence. Very surreal moment. I thought he was dead. We didn’t know it was Remembrance day


Amsterdam’s mayor has ruled out playing the semi-final on that day, as the local police force will be busy with the annual remembrance service on the main Dam square. And he doesn’t fancy thousands of jolly and possibly drunk football supporters parading through the streets on such a solemn day.


It’s completely fair enough obvs, just not seen it before iirc


BTW, Celta Vigo are managed by a disgusting homophobe so we’ll obviously be the neutral’s favourites in here right?


I’ve changed my vote accordingly.


Tim Farron? Ho ho ho lolpolitics


Berizzo, wha? wasn’t aware of this.


Any news on Zlatan’s knee?


Warning for homophobic language


First time in 20 years Ajax has got through to an European semi-final (and in 1997 semi-finals were played in April)


Nah, didn’t look good though did it, Zouma-esque


Fucking hell. Hope Mourinho and the rest batter him.


He’d probably like that. Always he that doth protest too much.


Bloody hell. Always liked him / his Celta team


that dinked pass :heart_eyes: never going to beat a team with that lad as their BEATING HEART.


Nice tribute to Ehiogu by Louise Taylor here. Seemed like a smashing bloke.


Sounds like Ibrahimovic has done his cruciate, can’t imagine him coming back from that at 35, horrible end to an unbelievable top-level career


: C

that wasn’t in the script - he was supposed to lead Utd to Europa glory in Sweden followed by the Premier League & Champions League double next season

poor bugger

On the Swedish telly last night all the pundits were like
’Well, if that’s his cruciate then it’s at least 8 months out and at his age it could be much longer - it really looks like the end of his career’
‘You don’t think he could come back from an injury like that?’
‘Well it’s Zlatan and he’s an incredible athlete so you’d never say never but yes, it really looks like his career is over’
‘No chance of a move to America then?’
‘America?! Oh of course, no problem with that. He’ll be fine in the MLS’