A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


They’ve pretty much nailed it in fairness.

Nothing official from the club yet or anything but Sky Sports are running with it.


Yeah really sad. Nice that he got to shove it to the ‘couldn’t do it in the premiership’ mugs beforehand though. Would’ve absolutely torn it up if he’d been over here in his Inter days


Really should have swapped the Ligue 1 and EPL stints around shouldn’t he


$$$$ and probably had a better shot at winning the champions league with PSG than any english team, tbf


Replacing Drogba at Mourinho’s Chelsea would have been ideal


Dunno about that, would have been more feasible at Chelsea or Utd at the time than when he went to PSG.


Best player (modern era) to never win the big one?




Depends how Buffon and Chiellini get on this year, but up there definitely


GKs don’t count


Please stop being silly


He’s won the world cup

give him a few weeks & he’ll have UCL too


May I surprise everyone.

Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Thuram, Cannavaro and Matthaus never won the champions league


Rank them


Ronaldo > Matthaus > Cannavaro > Thuram > Van Nistelrooy


they were all extremely good footballers though


Plus Ibra, Buffon, Chiellini (good so far though)


Properly fucked with Zlatan (and Mata) out. Might be fine if we were playing once a week but that run of 2x Celta and Arsenal and Spurs in 11 days is going to do us in. By my reckoning Young will have to play LCB and CF at the same time


There are certain terms that only ever seem to be used for black footballers. Warrior, beast, man mountain. Hmmmm.


Ronaldo > Buffon > Matthaus > Ibra > Cannavaro > Thuram > Chiellini > Van Nistelrooy

something like that