A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


Switch Ibra and Cannavaro, actually


Horse face won't be happy with that.


That's a horrible way to talk about Ant


John Barnes has never won a European Cup

just sayin'


Definitely heard Ibra described as all bar the latter, and Rooney before he got fat. Not sure I can think of many others that would fit the description.


Captain. Leader. Striker?


he did a noble cause for United, getting them to the quarters of the european league. great investment


It's definitely a thing for black players to be described more in terms of their physical attributes than technical ability. And for their ability to be described in terms of natural talent rather than as the product of training and effort. It's more blatant in American sports coverage but it definitely exists here too


Some lovely stories coming out about the big man, just seems like an old round good guy.
And he helped start dirty hit records! :+1:


Ooph that's a huge shame. If I remember right his injury record was pretty much as close to spotless as it could be? I'd be stunned if he does come back from it.

Now months of the merry go round for which striker United will buy. Or let Rashford step up?




Cahill out for the semi final? Captain, Leader, Legend to replace him?

I can see the sickening conclusion from a mile away...


Someone booting his smug racist face off again? :pray:


That wouldn't be sickening though.

I'm thinking last minute header.




Hope United do an RIP Zlatan shirt holding thing if we get to the Europa final


I don't.


Seeing as we are unfamiliar with sarcasm, I shall close the register at this point.


I'm just playing it cool whilst hoping everyone has forgotten those 'For Smudger' t-shirts when we won the League Cup in 2006...


When i was younger i could only remember how to spell some footballer's names by literally shouting them inside my head as they were spelt. S-C-H-M-E-I-CHEL. S-R-N-I-CEK. EHI-OGU. This post won't make a great deal of sense, but i was always quite fond of Ehiogu for that. I wonder if there have been many other footballers whose names were 2/3 vowells.

Seemed a solid pro, and on his day a fine player. We should probably judge sportspeople more on their human qualities, professionalism and ability, and on...other stuff less. Ehiogu, i'd bet, would score quite highly on those things in anyone's book.