A football thread for the week


Pulis AXED

Some good matches at the weekend and some other ones that probably weren’t good.

Best bits were that Millwall Sunderland match where every goal was silly and Mike Dean doing his thing.

Some European matches this week, Brighton Stoke tonight for some reason.



Too good for them tbh


Bit disappointed to see these fixtures tbh, maybe two good fixtures all week - Juventus/Barca, then Liverpool/Chelsea on the weekend.
Then just loads and loads of utter crap. Also Cardiff playing Barnsley :confused:
Fucking diamond spade death m9s.


Valencia - Barca should be really good on Sunday imo




Ah I miss the gol paedo thread


might get a Valencia away kit this season. was tempted to get an Atleti one the other year, but realised they were fascists.



Allardyce to West Brom is surely a thing which should have happened years before now, isn’t it?


Can’t believe it hasn’t happened already


Pulis to Wales? Otherwise he’ll be in another Premier League job by January, I’d imagine


Apparently he supports Wolves. So I’m not sure the West Brom fans would want him.


i think if Allardyce was available the fans would overlook who he supports


Still never been relegated


Ronaldo, the Rooney years:

  • 1 goal in 55 attempts
  • One of only two outfield players in La Liga to complete 0 tackles and interceptions this season (the other hasn’t started a game)


Hope he has a shit world cup and cries


well, this bit is practically a given


I hope he has a good world cup and smiles