A football thread for the week

no you don’t

fans don’t get what they want. they get what a disconnected board of directors on the other side of the world tell them what they want.

hope he justin casablancas.

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If Allardyce was to take the job he would have to pay Palace back £2 million. It depends on what his salary would be and whether it’s actually worth it.


Enough gravy boats to sail the seven seas

Gary Megson is in temporary charge! That is lovely


I don’t know if anyone translated it. It was meant to be ‘Chat shit, get banged’ in Spanish, though it reverse-translated into ‘Talk rubbish, get hit’, which is even better.


It rung a bell. Think someone might have posted it when Leicester spanked peps lads last year


You’re right. It was when they turned over Seville in he champos iirc

That was one of the worst referee calls I’ve ever seen in my life. Even the stoke Twitter is saying it was a clear penalty.

I remember the time when @HendonFC were playing @MargateFC in a play-off final and 12 minutes in, the referee sent off @HendonFC’s Aaron Morgan. Sent him off for what the @MargateFC Twitter feed described as an ‘awful stamp’. Within a week, that red card had been rescinded.

Still, never mind that. @MargateFC went on to win the play-off final 1-0 and I was stood with @anon76851889 in the office after counting the gate receipts unable to speak for a good fifteen minutes after the final whistle. @HendonFC had been unbeaten for 30 matches, were paying 6 times less than their opponents in their weekly budget and had come SO RUDDY CLOSE!

Yet, do you know what @anon76851889 and I did as the final whistle went? On the @HendonFC twitter feed, we expressed our congratulations to @MargateFC and wished them well for their promotion. Respected (in some circles) journalist Ian Ridley described our tweets as ‘enormously magnamaous’. Which they were, for we were both seething.

What’s the point?

I don’t know.

Actually, I do. Running a football club’s twitter feed shouldn’t lead you down the road of blinkered shit. Follow Roy Walker’s maxim - say what you see. If something in your favour stinks of mackerel, bloody well say so.

Having a vaguely neutral view goes a long way towards building goodwill towards your club.

Wow, long post. Why?

Too tired.


Got a toe on it

Just to add - Margate’s social media didn’t just describe it as “a terrible stamp on Tambeson Eyong”, but they refused to share their video footage and cut the incident out of their highlights video.

Loads of time for their fans and manager that day, but very little for the club.

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2nd worst of the season, same culprit

Surprise dinger!!!


Enjoyed Chris Hughton’s interview there from Brighton’s Great Hall

Hendon host rampant Dulwich Hamlet tonight and are making a contribution to Dulwich’s 12th man fund… A little bit of solidarity doesn’t go amiss sometimes whatever happens on the field.

Fully expect Hamlet to right the wrongs of our win at their place.