A Friday lunch thread

What’re you getting for lunch? I’m very tempted to get some form of filled soda but idk. Might get a coffee instead


A bag of Stilton Mini Cheddars
Followed by
Two ham and cheese rolls

poached eggs, beans and spinach on toast

Had a load of chili sin carne with extra beans, and I’m already farting like a trooper.

Filled soda?

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my goshdarnit deal hasn’t completed yet, so I am stuck in the office waiting for funds to arrive. Because obviously, the second I leave they’ll hit my account and my client will want me to hold the completion call. But then, what if we don’t get funds till 3? What of me then? I’ll be a wisp. But I can’t go now and enjoy myself, so I’m stuck. goodbye lovely steaming hot bowl of spicy lentils. goodbye glass of plot 22 red. hello cold crisps out of the vendo and another cuppa :neutral_face:



cheese, fake ham, branston pickle and red jalapeno sandwiches.


does he mean a coke?

Don’t know yet, would you like me to tell you later when I’ve decided or had it?

probably with eggs, bacon or something

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haven’t spotted them out in the wild myself yet

I had the Red Leicester ones a while ago and they were ace. I had no idea it was a range. I need to lie down now. Thanks.

would eat.

sounds like morries’ might be the best bet so far

Anyone tried that new filled soda flavour yet?

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Mexican chilli beef pie with a pint of Lagunitas IPA, at The Sun on Drury Lane.

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