A Friday lunch thread

I thought maybe a coke float thing? Ya know… with the scoop of ice cream bobbing about?

I’m sure to be disappointed with his answer. He better make sure it’s good.

Haha, I like how this is just slapped on a counter.

good, because you don’t mess with the staff in a bakery

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Haddock, chips and mushy peas. 'Twas tasty.

Just unbanned burrito captain @ericthefourth due to his boredom.

I’m eating this right at this moment


:laughing: fruit loser

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ngl i’m not crazy about the fruit

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Grapes on a bed of lemon?

It’s clearly orange m9

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@1101010 can you ban him again please.


Went out for lunch and for half an hour we were the only people in the restaurant. Had haggis and an Omlette Arnold Bennett (what?), now waiting for post restaurant :birthday:.

I knew he wouldn’t make it.


Was at work 9:30-6:30 yesterday and had about an hour’s work all day :expressionless:

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Soda bread filled with fried egg, bacon and sausage.
Forgot the brown sauce though ffs

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  • tomato, avocado and basil sandwich
  • walkers MAX salt & vinegar
  • sainsos vegetable samosas
    +++++++ tin of guinness for the park

Ooooooh. Okay, GOOD. Love a bit of soda bread

fucking m8