A Gaming Thread For 2017

Games are great, but the last thread was a bit too long and past its sell by date. Might be time for a change.

So, what have you been playing?

Boardgame chat is UNWELCOME here. There’s another thread for that : )

Bet everyone else just posts in the old thread about Bloodborne until the end of time and make me look like a fool for creating this!


This thread is a souls/bloodborne free zone

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I’m going to reinstall Dark Souls tonight just for this.

Going to try and wrestle with the Last guardian controls this weekend.

I’ve heard these kinds of promises before and been let down repeatedly!

Elect duck 4 moderator 2017

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I think I’m going to do the same. After finishing Shadow Of The Colossus if you said that I wouldn’t immediately play The Last Guardian as soon as it came out, I’d be surprised. But the lengthy delays and control criticism has been off putting.

Then again over the past few weeks I’ve heard more and more people say that it’s a fantastic gem of a game. Even though I know what to expect from it, I’m really intrigued to see how it all plays out.

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i am in one of those lulls where i have games but i’m not really playing them.

i completed the Pokedex on Pokemon Sun just after Christmas, smashed through it at the end as i wanted the Shiny Charm so i could get some super cool shiny Pokemon (caught a wild shiny Gumshoos but it’s a Gumshoos ffs) but instead i have only turned my 3DS on since to send a few Pokemon over to my wife so she can complete her Pokedex. don’t really like the Battle Tree or Battle Royale so not much else for me to do.

i’ve kind of gone off Football Manager 2017, shame as i got Brentford into the Europa League by finishing 7th in my 5th season. ever since then the game has been really unstable, think i’ve had 6 or so instances where the game has crashed to desktop, the computer freezes up or something else that requires me to turn the power off. as i’m in the Europa League i have a lot of matches, so even though i have auto save set to every 2 weeks i still end up losing quite a bit of progress if it crashes, worst was when it crashed midway through my 4th match since saving, losing a 2 goal lead at home to Lyon :frowning:

F1 2016 is probably the game i play the most right now, but that’ll be because it’s dead fun with a wheel. the online league thing i race in starts up again on Sunday so that should be good.

Dipped into Watch Dogs 2 again yesterday for only the second time since getting it. Bit daunted by all the stuff going on like vents exploding without me going near them, real life people running around (i’m not playing multiplayer!) and shootouts between police and gangs that i’m not sure I should be getting involved with. Looks nice though.

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Spent most of yesterday playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Definitely my favourite game ever (well a combo of that and the original like).

Have also got back into my career mode thingy on WWE 2K16 after having a bit of a rage quit a couple of months ago when I lost a title match.

I’ve had my eye on Watch Dogs 2 for a while but am putting that off until pay day.

Yeah I tried it last night and was almost clicking with me the controls but I can see why people not used to this type of game and mechanics might have been a bit disillusioned with it. For me it is well worth persevering

Mostly been trying to prolong my enjoyment of older games through mods lately. Any Fallout 4 fans (PC only) might like this one, Frost:

FROST Survival Simulator at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community?

It makes a ton of changes to the base game. It’s set just a few years after the bombs fell, so there’s no super mutants etc, just loads of paranoid survivors who are hostile 95% of the time. Guns have also been made lethal, so you’re usually killed after one hit - but so are the bad guys.

Also been downloading loads of Hearts of Iron IV mods, mostly so I can make the non-superpower nations like Spain and China more interesting.

Why is Jensen the only one at TF29 with cereal on his desk? It fits w my version of the character who stockpiles fridges in his bedroom but not w the game’s general
a e s t h e t i c

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i got Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 about a year ago and played it loads for a bit. we’d just been to Alton Towers and my wife really liked the mine train ride so insisted i build loads of mine trains, rather than rides that were guaranteed to kill people (e.g. the water chute ride with a big drop and no roof on any of the track) or digging a bit hole in the ground and putting people who had somehow annoyed me in it, then filling it with water if i felt particularly evil.

Yeah, same sort of thing as The Sims or anything like that, you get to a point where you just start killing people. It’s great :smiley:

I’m currently about 70% through Batman Arkham knight which I’m hoping to finish over the weekend as I’ve just ordered The Last of Us Remastered as I missed out on it when it originally came out as I was on Xbox for the previous gen of consoles.

That’s exactly the kind of thing I’d want from a Fallout game. I’ll eventually get round to playing Fallout 4 and mods like this. Whenever I mention buying it, people tell me it’ll be a disappointment but I’ll still play it for 60 hours. Not sure what to make of that.

Eventually, I’ll get there. Have such a huge backlog of big games as well. Based off the comments from posters on here I’m pretty keen on Watch Dogs 2 but that’s yet another lengthy one.

The world is amazing to explore and the crafting makes it feel so ‘alive’. But the way you engage with missions is really one-dimensional vs the last gen entries. So that bit will eventually feel disappointing.

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Yeah I’ve got half an eye on Watch Dogs 2 as well, when it comes down in price. I never played the first one so I may pick that up at some point as it seems to be available fairly cheaply.