A Gaming Thread For 2017

Probs worth a separate thread so we don’t clog this up with From Software chat :wink:


Yes! Just soloed her after a daft amount of attempts! Can finally move on with my life (to the next DLC).




Just started on Psychonauts - downloaded it ages ago in a Humble Bundle, but my old laptop couldn’t play it, so it’s been sitting there for a few years.

It’s really cute and weird - no idea it was a 3D platformer. So many nice little touches and characters, well worth the £1.89 or whatever I paid for it!



Anyone ever played Neptune’s Pride? Free-to-play browser-based strategy game, you can set up a game with your mates and make your moves a few times a day and the game progresses in real time. Played a few games with people in my office, loads of fun with alliances and betrayals etc. If there was interest, could start a DiS game? Would need about 8 people to make it work. There’s a few options for how much of a time commitment it would require, can do real time or turn-based, meaning you’d only need to log in once a day


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I can’t play those things. Got too into the last one and ended up setting alarms for the middle of the night so we could coordinate attacks with the US players. And that seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do at the time.


Haha yeah we had some of that going on as well. Switched to turn-based recently which is much more sane, only requires you to make a move once a day before it progresses, far less of a time drain

Love Psychonauts. So much wonderful level design and settings, each one’s really distinctive and varied.


Anyone see the Xbox show last night?

There is some pretty amazing stuff on there. Most hyped for Path of Exile, State of Decay 2, Fortnite and the new AC.


ALRIGHT MR MASTER RACE. Us console players get games like this soooo much later than you fuckers.

I’ll be interested to see how it does on console, because when I played it - admittedly way back in open beta - it felt like a very PC gamer’s game, i.e. clunky and very (needlessly?) complex. It was not a couch gaming kind of a game, to say the least.

I still loved it, but it was way too much of a time sink for me. I don’t know if they’ve increased the rate of progression or made it any less (hate this word) hardcore by now, though.

Maybe a third of the way through my replay of TLOU. Absolutely cementing its status as a top 10 of all time for me. The combat is brilliant - love how it escalates from carefully executed stealth to frantic gun-play in a heartbeat. Pacing is spot on - the spacing of combat areas gives the world time to breathe. Writing is exceptional - the dialogue and relationships between the characters is genuinely emotive.

Minor complaints:

  • Joel’s movement is really janky at points with him seemingly hitting invisible mini walls
  • While the supplies are generally meted out at a good rate, I’m frustrated at how much alcohol I’ve had to leave behind because the world is seemingly devoid of rags. Find that slightly immersion-breaking. I’ve killed so many clothed enemies - no way I wouldn’t be able to use their clothes for molotovs at the very least, even if I’m not going to patch up a wound with a grubby old shirt sleeve.

Very minor complaints though. It’s fucking brilliant.

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I doubt they’ll speed up progression, it’s a F2P isn’t it? You have to pay for speed most of the time with these things. Also, as a F2P they want to keep you playing so you spend money.

With the caveat that it’s been actual years since I played it, the F2P model was purely for cosmetic items and more inventory space. There was absolutely nothing to do with progression tied to it.

The reasoning for the ridiculous grind was that they wanted the game to feel more like Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 did, essentially. But it was ludicrous. It was possible to make your character essentially non-functioning by picking certain weird talents/abilities, but with no simple way to revert it. There’s this huge skill tree, but no way to do a mass reset, so you only see a very small part of it unless you go full poopsock.

I’d like to play more of it, but I don’t want to commit the time.

And I say this as a sad bastard who’s got one of each class in Diablo 3 at the level cap, two of whom are geared for proper end game Rift stuff. But PoE was too much for me.

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Looks lush

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Potentially open world.

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