A Gaming Thread For 2017

from what I understand it’s sending women death threats and accusing them all of sleeping with journalists for favourable game coverage and to promote a feminist agenda when games should be for “normal people” i.e men.

also it’s just such a stupid lame needy term “gamergate” FUCK OFF!

thanks for talking everyone btw. i feel it takes the edge off when i come out and say ’ this is causing me distress, am i shit ’ etc


That’s not like you xylo :wink:


In other news, I want a switch. Any gaming thread types got one yet?

May I introduce you to:

The Switch Thread.

Full of owners and me whining about most of them not buying a Wii U.




Library wasn’t too bad after all; shotgun, pistol, grenades, saw me through the whole second half of the game.

Tomorrow it’s time to face those brutes, bring on Halo 2!


alright gamers/ guitar players. anyone evr played rocksmith? properly obsessed with it atm.

been playing witcher III which(er) is good.

also did anyone get round to playing thimbleweed park and is it any good?

I remember that last level blew my mind at the time. I was all psyched up for a massive boss fight, but instead we got that desperate escape. It was brilliant, such a subversion of gaming expectations. The first is still my favourite Halo by some distance, but I reckon Reach was really good as well. Halo 4 is the reason why I didn’t think too hard about jumping back to Sony for this generation.


yeah, reach was really fun, great memories for me as it came along at a time when I hadn’t really played much halo (apart from 3 and 1 on the pc years ago) and I really got into the online.

4 looked great at the time but it definitely felt pretty direct-to-tv and that they were struggling for good ideas.

Halo 1 seems different each time I play it. Last time I felt like the back-tracking was really tedious and overdone, this time whilst I admit they were overusing some of the drab grey interiors, the whole thing felt snappier and faster paced. Maybe I’m just getting better at it. All about that pistol!

Rock Smith is incredible, going to pick it up again soon as its an invaluable learning aid

I love the look of the world. I guess the aspect I’m most concerned about is whether BOTWs traversal and combat will make that seem antiquated rather than epic. Hope there’s a demo… Suspect I’ll get it on sale or if it’s £35 at launch.

If you hate hills that get in the way of you and your quest you’ll miss the traversal stuff a lot. Incidentally, I think Skyrim is a bit of a turd, it looks nice though.

I think that’s the thing I loved most about XC X and BOTW. Being able to genuinely go anywhere and climb anything.

Playing games now where I can’t jump over a box or walk up a steep hill drive me mad!

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Haha. This is literally exactly what I feared it’d be like given its age. I recall playing Fallout 3 at a mates for 3 hours whilst he slept off a hangover and had similar woes. Tiny piles of rubbish and empty boxes blocking my path. Drove me mad even then.

I wrote a piece for Cane and Rinse that’s just gone live. Basically it’s me banging on about the design similarities of BOTW and the Monolith Soft Xenoblade games whilst speculating about why they were brought into the project a year or more into development. Essentially, did they just heavily inspire Zelda or actually save it?

I had it for the 360 and promised myself I’d get it when I switched to PC. I haven’t yet - I really ought to, I haven’t learned anything new on guitar in ages.

Don’t really like Jim Sterling and I hate the phrase we’ve all been there, but.

another thing in the same ballpark is when i play a gta game and for whatever reason end up on foot out in the sticks and there are no cars around or traffic spawning so i end up running towards a distant freeway for ages.