A Gaming Thread For 2017



Me too now
Dun duddly dun dah do do do do
Extreme bass riff


GUYS I don’t think I ever played Sonic 3



Remedy this immediately. The music is my favourite from any Sonic game (as previously discussed, Michael Jackson did a bunch of it).


yeah 3 was magnificent


Gonna get an emulator and play on my phone asap, which means 5 o’clock


Doesn’t feel like you’re doing it justice but it’s better than nothing.


woah phones hae d-pads now? :smiley:
because the alternative would be you using a touchscreen for sonic. which obviously you’re not suggesting :expressionless:


aye, SH1 looks shit, but it’s still great. Finished it in one sitting last year. Loved it.


aye I know, I know :frowning:


Wait, is it on the mega drive collection for PS3? Might pick that up on the cheap instead


It is.


Well then!


just need some nice scanlines then ps1 games look great mmmmmmm


4 quid on steam - not cheap but probably worth it


I went through a little phase a while ago of working out cool bass riffs from Sonic. Here’s one:


Pretty sure I got those free, along with a fuckload of other games, when I bought some other Sega-licensed game a while ago. Bit quibbling when it comes to these sorts of sums of money but four quid is way too much.


this is awesome! Really good solid technique too. Talented man!

I did some re-imaginings of the sonic 2 music, wish I had kept it up on soundcloud as it’s vainished forever now.

We should be in a videogame band!


Cheers man. There’s another one somewhere, I’ll dig it out.

And yes, that should absolutely happen.


Yeah there’s a mega drive bundle that usually goes on steam sales for a tenner or whatever but currently it’s 47quid :relieved:


Sonic bass lines are so good.