A Gaming Thread For 2017



yeah, that dirty fuzzy soundchip the megadrive had is the best too.


Great job there! So precise!


is that you playing?

fuck me.


It is…

Do I have to?


damn, that was tight.

(not wanting to introduce any more tension into this situation obvs.)


That’s so brilliant


Thanks Scott.

What’s everyone’s favourite music in a game? For me I think it’s still Super Mario World with all the ragtime-influenced piano stuff. Absolutely love it. Also, the castle/fortress music – drool.

And let’s all enjoy this heavily bearded man in shorts being awesome.



final fantasy 7 is the best obvs, but I remember vectorman having some nice john carpenter style synth bangers


this is such a hard question

this for it’s beauty

but in reality this is the greatest theme ever composed for a videogame


always had a soft spot for this when playing


I’ve linked to this before but this dude’s rendition of cosmo canyon is unreal!


This is the last one I recorded.

It’s quite clear to me that Muse played Sonic games when they were growing up. See also:


strong prog-rock influence in loads of genesis games, loads of countermelodies and such


sorry megadrive…so used to calling it genesis now


This is awesome.

Some of Smooth McGroove’s versions can be pretty grating but I really like his Gerudo Valley:


yeah this is cool! Shame it’s such an internety attention seeking type thing but it’s good nonetheless.


I love this guy’s stuff, just brings into sharp relief how excellent the tunes are


I’ve been playing FFXV lately (anyone else?) and I think one of my favourite parts is being able to listen to the old PS-era soundtracks while in the car. I adore the music from VII - so many memories!