A Gaming Thread For 2017



May as well get the Masterchief Collection to begin with… you’ll get a lot for your money.
Witcher 3
Rise of Tomb Raider


It is my solemn duty to recommend all the Dark Souls games at you. First two are on the online store, the third one is available disc styles. They’re all wonderful.

Git gud praise the sun etc etc.


What others have said plus Hitman and Xcom 2


Oh god the music levels in Rayman Legends :heart::heart::heart:


This one was a total mindfuck first time through.


Watching these has made me remember how much I bloody love that game


I’ve made it to the Clockwork Mansion in Dishonored 2. I’m still hopeful I can finish the game before I go back to work.


ODST? I remember that being alright in the end. But then my memories are that Halo:CE had the best campaign. From a narrative point of view anyway. I never really followed what was going on in 2. Something about a plant, all went a bit Little Shop Of Horrors. And then 3 was really narratively incoherent - we have to put the Flood in! Make up some bollocks and crash a spaceship! - but has some great set pieces, like taking down your first Scarab.


I don’t recall this one at all? Secret level?


It’s the very last level. There’s a whole world of just music levels, it’s the last one of those.


How much longer you got off? Think you’re about halfway! That’s a pretty amazing level.


I don’t recall that at all?! Weird…


The paeen, yeh cannat imaginn the paaaeeeeeen

Does my nut that this was an entirely fan-made expansion.


Yeah the story is shit in all of them, the first gets away with it more as they don’t go into too much detail. I’m just there for the fun dynamic battles.


First time I’ve ever seen the “servers are too busy. please try later” notification in PUBG. :frowning: i wanna plaaaaaaaaaay


Finished Persona 5. Over a hundred hours. Feel quite sad that it’s over but glad to finally close it out.

Will probably play it again in the next couple of years. It does a lot of stuff that’s just perfect. A shame that some of its gender politics are two steps forward, one step back. It’s a bit confused when it comes to those parts.

Also I’m loving the Persona 5 text app, so glad that exists.

Not sure what to play next but a big RPG is not on the list. Think I’m going to get back into Devil Daggers.


cnosidering buying retro city rampage dx for the switch.

someone tell me this is a bad idea


haha just cause 3 is the most repetitive game ever but idgaf cos i get to blow up cool shit constantly. i just paraglided into some dude’s face while raining fire on a favela and blowing up a police station. fucking 11/10 mate. working on flying a plane into a gas silo atm, straight 9/11 shit. god this game is fun.


yeah it’s really fun in short bursts if you just don’t give a shit. I used to love listening to crazy jazz music whilst playing that game


ha i see how that would work. i’ve been listening to the war nerd podcast and weird german techno while playing :+1:

gonna try and post a video here if i achieve combat objective codename “divine wind”. :airplane: > :boom: