A Gaming Thread For 2017



I think I 100%ed that game on PS4, which is hard to believe considering the framerate was absolute dogshit. Got it on PC again just to see what it was like running at abotu 100fps. Wouldn’t mind going back and dicking around in there again actually


I can do about 6-9 hours a week if I’m off. It’s been slow progress…


i’ve only ever 100%ed arkham asylum. was seriously addicted to that game, got a bit worrying.


yeah I should play that, I heard good things


would definitely recommend, tremendously well designed world and gameplay mechanics


Asylum > > Origins > City

In my view. Not played Knight.


This might not be the consensus but it is imo the correct view. Sadly you can add a few >>>s before adding Knight on at the end.


I played City for a bit (10 or so hours) felt like I was maybe 1/3rd of the way through but I got bored because I wanted to do all the riddler puzzles and there were too many and they were shit.


If you get time you should give Asylum a go. A much more tight Metroidvania style map, a plot that isn’t just throwing every villain into a pot and hoping for the best and some actually good riddler challenges. It’s one of the few games I got on 100% as well because I was compelled to get all of them.

The boss fights are shit but apart from that it’s a genuine classic.


mmm yeah I’m going through a “retro” phase at the moment so I suppose this could qualify now, bet it’s nearly 10 years old!


Asylum is so much tighter and focused than City. There isn’t really a chance to get bored… also the scarecrow sections (particularly how they’re introduced] are nothing short of genius. Stand out as among the best moments in any video game I’ve ever played.


strong praise indeed!

I probably already have it on steam…no idea how I ended up with so many games.

Really should check out what’s in this month’s Humble Monthly too


I told you this would happen, dont say I didnt warn you :smiley:


yeah I think I might have to cancel it now, I’m paying for and buying games and not touching them in a whole year!



Yup I cancelled Humble Monthly as well, until I have a chance to catch up with the past 7


It really is excellent. Asylum is so well paced and considered. Plot makes sense in the scheme of the environment and there are countless reasons a la Metroid to revisit old areas.

The people who ported City to the Wii U are supposedly busy right now porting a game to Switch it leaked this week. I’m hoping it’s Asylum!


I can only echo everyone else, but yeah, Asylum is so well-woven. It feels lean in the best sense. The story has a purity as well, and I’m not even into superhero-ey stuff. City was a massive slide into open world bloat unfortunately.


Haha, I think the game probably serves that kind of pace really well - it’s not one you can really blast through.


Origins got a lot of grief for feeling emptier than City but that’s what I liked about it. City was amazing for those initial hours but soon became hard to navigate or decode. I also spent 70% of the game in detective wire frame mode so I could see what the hell was going on, something I only fleetingly did in Asylum.

I found some waypoints and entrances to buildings in City nigh on impossible to find too.

Looks amazing. Better combat. Terrible plot. Whereas Origins lost out on looks, it had great boss battled and a compelling story.


Had my first random add me as a friend just to spout abuse at me in Eternal, which I think means I’m doing something right.

Got the latest Stellaris DLC yesterday but haven’t fired it up yet. I think I’ll do the housework before getting started.