A Gaming Thread For 2017



Started Nier Automata last night. Fair to say I have not got to grips with it yet. At all. Keep reaching the first boss, dying and being thrown right back to the start because you can’t save a game until after you’ve beaten it. That’s not an infuriating game mechanic, is it?


see this is just another reason i can’t bring myself to play this game


As far as game design goes it’s a disaster. Set it to easy, turn on automatic firing and beat the boss then set it up back up to whatever difficulty you currently have it set as. You’ll be happy to hear that save points are generous after that


video games are good


Which is the first boss? You can save in pretty much any area marked white on the map, so very early on you can basically save anywhere.


Cooled down from the amazing double hit of playing The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4 by cultivating a minor Fifa 17 addiction, it’s almost time to jump back into something narrative based, what do you guys reckon? I own all of these:

  • GTA V
  • The Witcher 3
  • Persona 5
  • Mad Max
  • Rocket League (Already started and I know this is similarly neverending to FIFA but I’d like to become somewhere in the realm of ‘reasonably not shit’ at it)

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Tried that, and it worked a treat. Thanks!


Stayed up too late playing Stellaris, as you do. Seems to have a few more systems than when I played it at launch.

Also discovered that I get 15 fps if I’m logged in to my Paradox account in the launcher but steady 60 fps if I’m not, so it’s definitely still a typical Paradox game.


Can’t get my head around sectors. I’ve built up a fairly impressive-sized empire with my bird communists, but I feel like I’m not hauling in as much seed as I should be because most of it is partitioned off into bits I can’t directly rule, and never seem to build anything. Frustrating because I’m definitely at the stage where nothing’s going to happen unless I start thoroughly liberating some fascists, and I’m not building my fleet fast enough.


have you noticed anything obviously written by Alexis Kennedy (Sunless Sea writer) yet?


THE WORM is very definitely Sunless Sea flavoured.


Although I think my favourite event is the inexplicable sarcophagus.


I like the sounds of both of these


Went back to Darkest Dungeon this weekend. What a fucking game.

Anyone got any good line-up suggestions for The Hag? I’m thinking hellion, occultist, man-at-arms, arbalest?


Yeah that’s a pretty solid team for her, Hellion is essential. Prefer Bounty Hunter over MAA since he can play off the marks and hit her with his bleed dice.


Collect Bounty is the only move that syncs with marks isn’t it? And that can’t reach the back spaces where she lives. I remember having a bounty hunter the last time I attempted it and being frustrated at the lack of reach. Figured MAA would give me some much needed evade buffing.


Yeah, that’s true. The other option is to risk running Occultist in second rank and have Houndmaster in third. Eyepatch Grandpa is forever the unspectacular but solid choice though.


horizon zero dawn is well good and i was wrong for writing it off before. v impressed wow

ps4 is fucking mint these days innit


Just sailed through Virginia. Elegant framing undermined by clunky ‘gameplay’. Jump cuts are fantastic and give it a lot of momentum. Nice and ambiguous when it starts to unravel. I give it seven yays!