A Gaming Thread For 2017



This has got an excellent write up. Sounds interesting.


Digitiser/metro gamecentral were less favourable…


I need to jump back into HZD.

I got the remastered TLOU last night, completed it (and loved it) on PS3 but thought I’d blast through it again and it was £15 at the weekend.


I just did this. It’s still phenomenal. Top 10 of all time for me.


replayed on PS3 earlier this year before getting a PS4. My old housemate had spent years telling me it was shit and that I was wrong about it. Fuck no. He’s wrong. He’s so wrong.


I’ve got TLOU on PS3. Didn’t get very far because I got a bit bored. Very early on though, must be worth sticking with (or going back to and playing properly), because everyone fucking raves about it. Is there a bit where everything is particularly awesome, or am I just a twat?


I think it is a bit slow to unfold, but it’s kind of the journey that is everything about it - by the end you’re so attached and don’t want it to stop.


it builds and builds. I was hooked from the start but can appreciate that in terms of gameplay/action, it takes a while to get going.


To be fair I lost patience the first time because I couldn’t find a fucking ladder.


DOTA card game announced!!!

Bet it’s shit.


It definitely takes a while to get going. A lot of the earliest bits are just wondering around the city and some fairly tepid gun-fights. Once you’re past that, the pacing perfectly mixes beautifully tense cat ‘n’ mouse combat encounters with periods of calm exploration and hugely engaging and emotive dialogue.

To directly answer your question, the last 90% of the game is particularly awesome. Listing my favourite bits would be hella spoiler-y.


Just got past a really tricky time-travel puzzle in Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Symmetry City), finally got Din’s Fire and found the cave of the fish people in Ocarina of Time, and since Link to the Past is half-price, I’m playing that as well and am stuck already.

Just got an Android phone, and it turns out there are GBA emulators! Never had a GBA, so I gave it a whirl and now I’m playing Minish Cap as well whaaaat

This is going to give me workplace stress or something


Shovel Knight is pretty amazing, huh?


Never played it, but that Nick bellend who used to be on Rev3 raves about it. Sell it to me.


Yuh huh, legit one of the best platform games ever. I would totally be willing to listen to an argument FOR it being THE best in fact


It is absolutely perfect on the Switch.
If the console can just be a first party beast with decent indie support, I will be a very happy man.


Well it looks like a classic NES game. Which put me off for ages as I’m not always a big fan of retro indie titles, but it’s so lovingly done here it’s hard not to be thoroughly charmed. And the music is amazing. Properly gets stuck in your head.

The platforming is super tight. Not insanely hard so far, like Super Meat Boy, but a great difficulty curve that insists you get better quickly. Lots of fun secrets too that mean levels would be replayable after you earn new abilities a la Metroid.

And then it has a lovely sense of humour. Weird characters, intriguing storyline through brief cut scenes… and the hero has a SHOVEL.

Then there’s the RPG-lite bits thrown in I wasn’t expecting. Magic, second move sets, potions to help get past tricky elements, an ingenious checkpoint system that lets you smash the marker for treasure if you feel like you can beat the next section but will send you back to the previous checkpoint if you fail.

So many great little ideas. And Shovel Knight is one of 3 full games here, with one more chapter and a multiplayer mode to come. I’m halfway through apparently (an achievement told me) and I’ve put about 4 hours in I’d say. So I suspect you get 30-40 hours of varying platforming action for £20.


Certainly thinking it’ll be up there from what I have played so far.

Best I’ve ever played, in no real order:

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Rayman Legends, Super Guacamelee. I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U at times too, but it felt dated after those others.

[Basically: the Wii U has the best platform games ever on it, if you also factor in Virtual Console and backwards compatibility with Wii.]

From my youth: Sonic 1 & 2, The Lucky Dime Caper, Castle of Illusion and Psycho Fox were all ace (Master System versions).

To my shame, I’ve never properly played Super Mario Bros 3 or World, any of the N64 Donkey Kongs or many of the classic Mega Drive platformers. Never owned a Nintendo machine properly until the Wii, bar a brief flirt with a second hand N64 to cane Mario 64 and Goldeneye.

In terms of 3D ones, it’s basically:

Mario 64, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 and Ape Escape. Super Mario 3D World was decent, but no Galaxy.


Hold the fucking phone - there are now reports that it’s innovated on the same tired formula by including THREE LANES that you can play your creatures to!

That’s just made The Elder Scrolls: Legends and its two lane system look absolutely archaic.

Can’t wait to see where the genre goes from here.


It’s like a Gillette v Wilkinson Razor War for the digital age.