A Gaming Thread For 2017



Reckon it’ll cap out at five lanes (the Darkest Dungeon card game?) before the next massive Innovation arrives: one lane. Back to the genre roots. A classic reboot.


That seems to be the way of things. I’m a bit disappointed we don’t live in the universe where Gillette released a 15 razor monstrosity though, and I’ll be sad when no one says, “fuck it, we’re going 21 lanes. 500 card decks, and each card has 16 different simultaneous effects. 8 player games. Every game lasts 90 minutes and no one has a damn clue if they’re winning or not until it’s over.”


21 card lanes could be the key. What’s the next lot going to do, 22 lanes? They’d look like idiots.




Can this be real? It looks absolutely terrifying.


I think it’s a photoshop. These are even more horrifying (as is the fact they’ll probably be real by 2030).



I suppose a shaver the size of your face is kind of efficient when you think about it.


Let’s face it - this DOTA card game nonsense is just Valve’s way of getting back at Blizzard for ripping off TF2.
That and they hate us all.


Wow. Valve totally misread their audience, if the die hard Dota fans audibly sign when they announce a dota card game it’s off to a catastrophic start.


Fuck Dota and fuck card games that aren’t Gwent. Make HL3 already you pieces of human garbage


“announcing Half Life 3… the top down strategy game!”


You’re saying that to someone with 250 hours clocked on XCom 2.


i mean i’d personally finance a Total Annihilation sequel


And that clip’s from TI17, so not even DOTA fans give a shit.
That or they were hoping for some actual footage of the game or something.


it’s a fun and charming game but that’s an insane claim.


maybe top ten though I could see that.

Anyway in my opinion for what it’s worth(so you know whether I’m a dork or not):

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  3. Rayman Legends
  4. Mario 3
  5. Super Mario Galaxy

haven’t played the donkey kong ones, I don’t really like the aesthetic or characters but I hear they are great so they might make the top 5 I suppose.


Super Mario World is comfortably the best platformer for me, plays looks and sounds amazing, hardly seems like it could have come from the same era as Sonic.


actually I might swap Galaxy 1 out for N/N+/N++ (all three are basically the same game).




ape escape?