A Gaming Thread For 2017



Anyone who’s not played Inside, now’s your time to shine.


not played those either but I hear good things and they look silly!


Wasn’t that Supreme Commander?


Just started heavy rain
Jason! Jason! Jason!


Haha, I was curious to replay it, but I think what little good-will it garnered through nostalgia would be totally obliterated.


Looks silly but Ape Escape 1 is a classic… some of the most imaginative level designs in any platformer, great sense of humour throughout the whole thing, and just ridiculously fun. also a good part of gaming history because it was launched alongside the dual shock controller as a game that really utilised the technology


was thinking about re-playing this actually… loved it at the time. also did anyone ever play Fahrenheit?


Wait wait wait… Can you get Inside on ps4? :open_mouth: I thought it was xbone exclusive!


ah I’ll have to hunt down a copy


I did too. But yeah it seems so. Just bought it again.


Stop being wrong about things.


no u



That’s all I’ve got.


Was this inspired by listening to James Farley playing it on The Computer Game Show? Hilarious stream if you’ve not eat he’d it on YouTube, but spoiler tastic.


I didn’t play Farenheit the first time but I downloaded it recently. Some really frustrating design and a silly-ass story, but it’s certainly interesting! Like most of his games really!


Anyone else given Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a try?

I’m a few hours in and really struggling with it. The world has no tangible backstory, and though initially great to look at, there’s no depth to the environment. Not much depth to the running and jumping either, it feels more basic than the first game was. Throw in a really dull story and a bolted-on-for-no-purpose skill tree and I’m quite disappointed by this.


Picked this up on xbone a while back. Hated it.


was xbone exclusive for about a month


Awww, that’s a shame. I was gonna pick it because it was cheap. The story in the first one was grade-A guff anyway, but the traversal puzzles were sublime. Another one that shouldn’t of gone open-world.