A Gaming Thread For 2017




Perfectly fine.


I mean it’s got a lot more spectators on a global level than most other sports in the lympics


Hard to see this as being any less legit than, say, shooting or archery. Or horse-dancing. Or any swimming other than freestyle.


I guess my main questions are,

couldn’t this have been done in time for Tokyo?
which game… or how many games?
Is there national teams already? Or will these need to be setup?
Isn’t this advertising for whichever games company owns the games they choose?
If they announce it too far in advance won’t everyone be playing another game by the time the games come round?


“We’re just going to do CS2 because come on, who doesn’t love that? Also one of the NBA Jam’s and Parappa. Classic mate.”


Going to be a demonstration event in 2018
Probably one of the 2 major MOBA’s unless their popularity has sharply declined
The national teams will need to be set up
Probably but no different to whatever equipment is being used in any other sport I suppose.
Leauge Of Legends/Dota 2/CS Go have had scenes that have lasted 6 - 7 years and counting.




But I reckon it’ll be like any other sport with multi displinaries, will probably be a few major games involved.

So far based on what we have you’re probably lookin at Leauge Of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, Fifa, Call Of Duty and Rocket Leauge


One more, Is this something team GB could ‘medal’ in?


Bejewelled, Tetris and bomberman.


Nah, we’re traditionally among the worst Europeans at the e-sports and Europe is traditionally the worst region for the e-sports.


Aw nuts :frowning:


Played That Dragon, Cancer yesterday. Amazing stuff… though incredibly tragic and harrowing. I started crying about two minutes in and didn’t really stop.

Feels really daft to go from that to Hellblade (how is that name not already taken?), but I think that’s what I’ll do. The stuff I’ve heard about the audio sounds incredible


You say that but if they introduce a Nidhogg category I’m GOING FOR GOLD!!*

*presuming my optimum 4 beers and a curry preparation isn’t considered doping.


Wow, just watched the trailer and it’s knocked me for six. Will check it out


Could this make anyone go back to it?


Yeah I’ll give it a pop. It’s always been good, just a bit empty.


Some narrative thrust is what I needed from it so I’ll see what people make of this 30 hours worth of storyline innit


You know what. This seems like a substantial upgrade, so I think I will.