A Gaming Thread For 2017



My Kickstarter of the Superhot card game arrived yesterday. Going to give it a go this weekend.

Super! Hot.


Super! Hot! Super! Hot!


I got a refund at launch, but this and the previous two updates look to be more like the game that was promised.
I’ll grab it in a deep sale for some chilled (but not quite as aimless) space drifting.


It’s currently £15 in the Humble Store and PSN I believe


Patch is now live


I’m gonna start emulating


sticks a mega drive cartridge up your ass


You aren’t working


Thank you! Just grabbed it.


can we get a report on what this is like plz? 10 quid on the ps store and I MAY consider it…


Patch is downloading, will jump in shortly, wiill give first impressions later.


Restarted the game with a new save so can only comment on early game stuff. It seems a lot better at guiding you earlier with a steady stream of missions and goals to keep you invested. The game looks better than it did, still not a jaw dropper, but it definitely feels a lot less muddier in the texture department and the lighting seems way better, inventory management seems better and there appears to be a lot more to do, at least from what I’ve seen so far.

If you’re going knowing you’ll mostly be wandering and collecting resources and that doesn’t sound off putting then I say go for it. For £10 you can net yourself a nifty lil podcast game. It seems more refined than it was at launch.


might give it a whirl, if only to say I played the shit show that people may come to remember the game as. Would be a no brainer no if it was over a tenner atm.


The monsters are still proper janky :slight_smile:


thank you for your service in any case :pray::raised_hands:


decided to start from scratch. now flying Babby’s First Ship in the system I Deleted My Save File. :sunglasses:


What are peoples opinions on the 65daysofstatic self generating soundtrack thing in the game?

I’ve got the actual album… but in the game is it any good?


it’s lovely


bought this, need to start playing soon. It looks so gorgeous


Very hard to answer this. I only bought the game in the first place because of how much I love 65. Plus it looked cool.